Are 3157 and 7443 the same?

7443 is a totally different base(the part that plugs into the socket) than a 3157.

What bulb is compatible with 3157?

Ans: When looking at the 3057 bulb compatibility to the 3157, they can act as each other’s replacements. The defining factor is that they have the same plastic wedge base; hence, their interchangeable use. However, do not replace the 3157 with the 3057 in daytime running light.

Can I use a 3057 in place of 3157?

Yes, you may use the 3057 bulbs instead of 3157 bulbs. Both of these bulbs have wedge D.F mounting and C-6 dual filament that fits in the same holder. Moreover, you can use this bulb to back up a light bulb, brake light bulb, parking light bulb.

Will a 3157 bulb work in a 3157K?

Is the 3157 bulb the same as 3157K? The 3157K uses Krypton gas that results in slightly brighter illumination than the standard 3157 bulbs. Technically, they’re not the same, but you can interchange them as you see fit.

What is the difference between 3157 and 3157ck?

Although the two sockets look the same in appearance, the difference between them is the location of the ground point in the socket. The best way to determine if a socket is CK is to use a test light or multimeter to determine which metal contacts on the socket are positive and which are negative.

What is a CK socket?

A CK/SRCK is like the traditional sockets you see in most Japanese, and American vehicles except it’s wired like this: These 2 types of wiring configurations can be found on 3157 or 7443 types of bulbs.

Will a 3157 bulb work a 3156 socket?

Yes! The 3157 LED bulb is the dual filament option for the 3156 LED bulb. You can easily use a 3157 bulb with a 3156 socket.

What does 3157na mean?

The 3157A bulb has an amber coating on it that will flake off. The 3157NALL, the NA stands for Natural Amber which means the glass is amber color and not just a coating. The LL is long life which will last about twice as long.

Are 3157 and 3157A the same?

these bulbs share the same base design. The 3157NALL is a standard filament type bulb with amber coating while the 3157A was high output clear bulb which according to Amazon’s product information is now discontinued. 2 of 2 found this helpful.

Are 3157 and 4157 bulbs the same?

The 3157 bulb says it “also fits” the 4157 application. Here’s the deal, it does, but not exactly.

What’s the difference between 3157A and 3157na?

What is a CK style bulb?

Normally you would have Positive and Negative terminals on either side of the bulb, but the “CK” type wiring is different. A CK/SRCK socket looks similar to a standard, or non-CK socket, except it’s wired as shown below: These 2 types of wiring configurations are primarily found on 3157 sockets.