Are American Standard toilet tanks interchangeable?

While there are a few models that can interchange tanks and bowls, most are configured to work optimally as a set as indicated in our Product Showcase. In fact, if you do your own mixing and matching, the toilet may not flush at all! Gravity Fed and Pressure Assisted tanks and bowls cannot be mixed.

How do I identify my American Standard toilet tank?

One of the easiest ways to find your toilet’s model number is to look at the underside of the tank lid.

What size is the tank to bowl gasket on a American Standard toilet?

If you have an American Standard toilet tank that requires a 1/4 inch tank to bowl bolt, this is what you need. Stores like Home Depot only carried the 5/16 tank to bowl kits.

What is the Cadet 3 flushing system?

Cadet 3 flushing system features an oversize 3-in flush valve to create a powerful flush. Low-consumption (6.0 LPF/1.6 GPF) flushing capacity. Everclean surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew (not applied to the unglazed back of tank)

Can I replace toilet tank with any tank?

This is a fairly common question, and the answer is usually no. It’s best to stick with the same manufacturer of your current toilet if you’re buying the replacement tank on its own. Though a toilet tank may look similar on the outside, and in some cases, even on the inside, it’s unlikely to perfectly match up.

Can I just replace the tank on my toilet?

Replacing a toilet tank is a task most homeowners can do without a call to the plumber. Because the tanks and bowls may be sold separately, you can often buy just the tank. However, it is important to match the toilet manufacturer and model to ensure proper installation and function of the toilet when you’re done.

Can you replace just the toilet tank?

Where is the toilet tank number?

Look for the manufacturer name or a number on the bottom side of the water tank lid. It may be stamped into the lid or painted on – some of them may even be handwritten if the tank lid was replaced by a plumber with foresight.

What size tank to bowl gasket do I need?

The 2 inch Tank to Bowl Gasket is universal to fit most 2 inch two-piece toilet tanks. The universal sponge rubber design measures: 2-1/8 inch inner diameter, 3-1/2 inch outer diameter and 1-1/4 inch thick.

Is 1.6 or 1.28 toilet better?

At the end of the day, the difference between a 1.28 GPF toilet and a 1.6 GPF toilet is pretty minimal; 0.32 gallons to be precise. While it can add up over time, you might actually end up wasting more water with a more conservative toilet if you need to flush it twice or clean it more often than another toilet.