July 18, 2016


College is a time of your life. A lot of new friends, events and interesting lessons. But there is another part of your studying that makes it all less fascinating – writing papers. Piles, mountains, tons of papers. Libraries are packed, everybody is rushing, and you just don’t feel like joining this madness. But the work still needs to be done. What can you do? Just buy it!


When you custom a paper, you want to be sure that it will meet all of the requirements. But how will the writer know them if you don’t? There are many things you have to clarify beforehand. Make sure you know the following information:

    • A type of work

There are variety of papers you can custom: reports, dissertations, essays etc. But knowing the type in general is not enough. For example, a research paper can be analytical or argumentative. And it is even worse when you buy a college essay, as it has a lot of types and categories, so it is important to know more details on your work to know which one you have to do.

    • The topic

If the topic of your work is given, then you do not have to bother. If it is not, you can either come up with it yourself or ask a writer to do it. You will be notified on the chosen topic, so you can change it if you don’t like it.

    • Style & Formatting

The way your work will look relies on the style completely, so it is important to know the specifics like margins, heading, subheadings etc. Also, don’t forget to specify the spacing to know the number of the words that should be written.

    • The deadline

It is impossible not to know when your work is due. You will always have to mention the deadline when you custom papers. It is better to set a shorter one to have more time, in case the paper needs to be revised.

    • Sources & Citations

It is important to know how many sources you need to use. Also, there may be some limits on the amount citations per page. Both sources and citations have to be styled according to the chosen format.


On some point of your college life, you will be asked to write an extremely lengthy paper. And if you are not going to do it yourself, then you will have to custom it. That is very hard to do when you need 200 pages, for example. What if you will not like the writer, or you will receive the additional information that will change the way the paper needs to look completely? In such cases, it is better to break your work into the smaller parts and custom them separately. This can save you some money and help you to understand the work better.


Essays seem like very easy things to custom. It is true, but only when you know the type exactly. There are five main types, and they all may look alike at first. But it is very important to know the difference and determine yours. Here is a brief description of each type:

    1. Informative essay

Requires you to explain some facts to the reader in a teachable manner.

    1. Descriptive essay

Requires you to describe something: a person, a place, an event or memory, using your senses to give a better picture to the reader.

    1. Narrative essay

Requires you to tell an interesting real-life story that have taught you something.

    1. Persuasive essay

Requires you to deliver the arguments to the readers and convince them to agree with your point of view.

    1. Analytical essay

Requires you to analyze a piece of information and make conclusions.

When you buy essays for college, don’t forget to look up the information on the certain type to check if the writer understood the idea of an assignment correctly.


There are three types of websites no one would recommend you to use:

    • Completely free

It is obvious that there is no way you can find a nice kind of paper there. There are so many mistakes, plagiarisms and outdated info that even a person with a zero English knowledge would understand how bad the work is. You may find something helpful in these works, but you should never use the entire paper.

    • Extremely cheap

There is a perfect description for this one: “You get what you pay for”, and that is definitely not what you have expected to get. Such type of services cannot afford a professional team of writers, so you can’t be sure that your work will not be written by a schoolkid. When you buy a paper for college, you expect the highest quality, and that is something you won’t be provided with on the super cheap websites.

    • Very expensive

If you think that this type of writing services can give you anything exclusive, then you are wrong. Usually, they don’t differ from the non-pricey ones, so there is just no point in spending more money for the same result.


There are a lot fears that students have before they custom papers. And it is logical to be afraid that you will pay for the paper and get nothing in return. However, there are always the ways to check a writing service before using it. You can ask your fellow students about it or just read the feedbacks and look at the experience of others, who have ordered in a company.

Also, you can always count on us! We have years of experience behind, helping students around the globe, and we are proud to say that we have gained their trust. So be sure to check our services and offers and join our big family!