July 18, 2016


Student’s life is not easy. Everyday assignments, lots of homework and different kinds of papers. And the most boring and time-consuming of them are research papers. That is why many students decide to buy them. But they can easily fail to get the high-quality work on time or just run into the scammers. So how to make buying research papers a great and secure experience? Read until the end and find out.


It is always scary to buy things online. There are a lot of stories about people, who lost their money to the frauds. Do you want to be one of them? Definitely no. But how can you be sure that the website you are on is reliable? Use this tips to secure yourself:

    1. Look at the feedbacks and reviews

If the service you want to use has many reviews and they differ, it is great, unless all of them are bad. Read the comments, look through the ratings and if others were satisfied, why would not be you? You can even try to contact some of that people and ask about their ordering experience.

    1. Check out the design

It may seem strange, but the way the website looks actually matters. When people take their writing business seriously, they think of the best ways to present themselves and make it comfortable for the client to find all of the needed information to make the order. So that the website looks neat, and buying a research paper there is rather a pleasure than a stress.

    1. Read company’s policy

Make sure that all of your payments and private information are secure by reading the company’s policy. Notice the sentences written in a small font and the “*” signs. This definitely looks suspicious, so read carefully not to miss the important details. Also, as you expect to buy research papers with no plagiarism, pay attention to the website the company uses to check the works. It should not be Turnitin, as it automatically saves the work to its database and if your teacher tries to check it there, the result will show the highest plagiarism level.

    1. Find them in social networks

It is a good sign when the website has links to the company’s social network pages. You can once again check the impressions of the real-life people on the service provided.

    1. Call or chat

Always look for the contact information. It is important to be able to call or live chat with the support team. This is a nice way to both check the quality of the service and ask for help if you need some.

So now you understand that typing “Where can I buy a research paper” in the search engine and waiting for a miracle is not the way to find a trustworthy service. Always check the websites by these criteria before making a final decision.


That is one huge fear every student has. So start thinking about it before you buy or custom a research paper. This may save you a lot of time and actually mean a difference between nailing the assignment and being expelled.

    • Be a smart buyer

It is completely understandable that you want to buy a research paper cheap. You may even find a service that will do it for you. But what will you get in the end? A bad quality paper. No professional with a self-respect will agree to write a paper if the payment is bad. So what kind of writer will you get? Nobody knows, so it is better to pay a bit more, than regret afterward.

    • Check the originality

This is an extremely important part, especially when you buy a research paper for college, as your professor will check it for plagiarism. So you better do it first by ordering a plagiarism report from a company that provides you a writing service and make sure that your paper is original.

    • Know the requirements

Even if you buy a college research paper, you still have to know the requirements by heart to check the work. Make sure the style, spacing and the amount of pages are correct. Then move to the structure. Except the basic introduction, body and conclusion it should also include a thesis statement and the list of cited works. Also, you can notice some mistakes or inaccuracies and correct them beforehand or send the paper for revision. Always check the work even if you trust the writing service completely.

    • Read before submission

If you care about the mark you will get, always read the paper before you submit it. That is the perfect way to understand the topic better and actually know your research. Your professor will definitely have some questions about your work, and it will be much easier to answer them after reading.


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