Can Adderall cause long-term problems?

If used for a long time, Adderall may lead to some serious side effects. These include addiction, heart problems, mental health problems, and slowed growth in children. Many people also wonder if Adderall can cause less-studied side effects, like sexual side effects and dementia.

Can you take Adderall for life?

Dependency and addiction Another significant long-term effect of heavy Adderall use is dependence on the drug. If you take high doses of Adderall for a long time, your brain may become dependent on the drug and eventually produce less dopamine. You might experience: mood changes, including low moods.

How many years can I take Adderall?

There is no standard timeframe for how long a person should take Adderall. However, if you feel that it’s no longer benefiting you or is causing you harm, bring these concerns up with your doctor. After canceling your prescription, the next step is to make a safe plan to cut Adderall from your daily routine.

What does Adderall do to a normal brain?

Drugs like Adderall may help you feel more alert, awake, and focused. It has a stimulating effect that releases dopamine to the brain, giving you a sense of euphoria and well-being.

Does Adderall make you age?

Research Shows that Amphetamines Accelerate the Aging Process. Amphetamines are a class of stimulants which include illicit substances like methamphetamines and cocaine as well as prescription drugs like Adderall and Vyvanse.

Can Adderall damage your heart?

Because stimulants such as Adderall can increase heart rate and blood pressure, they may cause cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and stroke, especially in people with preexisting heart issues or high blood pressure.

Can Adderall damage your brain?

Stimulant drugs like Adderall are addictive and using them recreationally may increase the chances of developing a psychological and physical dependence on them. Adderall’s side effects include: physical damage to the brain, internal systems, and organs.

At what age should you stop taking Adderall?

The approved maximum age for use of these medications varies from fifty-five to sixty-five. These ages are determined by the drug trial research that capped the inclusion of subjects at a certain age (for example, Vyvanse at age fifty-five while Adderall XR at age sixty- five).

Can Adderall cause bipolar?

Using stimulants like Adderall during a depressive episode may increase the risk of a manic episode. A 2008 study found that 40 percent of participants using stimulants for bipolar disorder experienced stimulant-associated mania. Tolerance. Using Adderall over a long period of time may lead to tolerance.

Does Adderall cause hair loss?

Hair loss is an uncommon but possible side effect of taking Adderall. People who experience hair loss or other concerning side effects while taking Adderall should seek medical advice. A doctor may recommend lowering the dosage or switching to another treatment, such as behavior therapy or an alternative medication.

Can Adderall cause stroke?

One large study found no link between ADHD medications — including stimulants like Adderall — and a higher risk of a heart attack or stroke. Even without a perfect heart, you may still be able to take Adderall for ADHD.

Can Adderall cause nerve damage?

Adderall can cause issues with your central nervous system and changes the way it functions. This can certainly be dangerous, but it can also affect your entire life, not just your health. Abusing Adderall by taking more and more of it in order to get its effects can result in central nervous system damage.