Can you buy an AR-15 lower without an FFL?

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) the only part of the AR-15 that requires a Federal Firearms License (FFL) transfer at the time of purchase is the serialized lower receiver.

Are Polymer 80 AR-15 lowers any good?

Yes, polymer 80 lowers are quite good. Our customers have loved them for quite a few reasons: They’re more affordable than metal lowers and jigs. They’re easier to machine and build with. They’re capable of taking some real abuse, as any good AR should.

Why would you buy an 80 lower?

Save Time, Less Hassle. When you order an 80 percent lower and decide to build your own firearm, you save a lot of time, energy, and hassle. Because you’re only buying parts, you typically do not have to deal with getting licensing and paperwork which can be a stressful part of buying a manufactured weapon.

Can I take an 80% lower to a gunsmith?

A gunsmith can serialize your 80% lower before or after it’s completed by you. Your lower must be serialized for a gunsmith to do any work (assembly or coating) to it.

Can you ship a stripped lower to your house?

How Do You Transfer a Stripped Lower Receiver? In order to legally transfer a stripped AR-15 lower receiver, you will need to have the receiver shipped to a licensed FFL just like you would any other firearm that you’re buying out of state.

Which is better polymer or aluminum?

Aluminum receivers are going to withstand wear and tear better than their polymer equivalents will. They have higher melting points, don’t warp or flex under pressure, and can be dropped without fear of cracks or chipping.

Do polymer lowers hold up?

The Durability Issue The biggest question people have with polymer AR lowers isn’t usually the fit of the product, it’s the durability. In the 1980s, GLOCK faced significant market resistance due to the perception that plastic guns could never work.

Is an 80% lower cheaper?

An 80 lower will be considerably cheaper than a stripped lower receiver, and that can be a major factor if you are carrying out a lot of customization on your AR, and the funds are running a bit low.

Can I buy a 80% lower?

Are 80 Lowers Legal in California? Yes! California does have certain stipulations that other states don’t have (as usual), but it is 100% legal for you to purchase, complete, and own an 80% firearm in the Golden State.

Do I need to serialize my 80 lower?

In July 2016, California passed AB 857 . This legislation requires all completed firearms to have a serial number applied by Jan 1, 2019. As stated in the paragraph above, an 80% lower receiver is not a firearm, so a serial number is only required once the 80% lower receiver is completed.

Can I serialize a ghost gun?

“The final rule will also help turn some ghost guns already in circulation into serialized firearms,” said the White House. “Through this rule, the Justice Department is requiring federally licensed dealers and gunsmiths taking any unserialized firearm into inventory to serialize that weapon.

Do AR-15 lowers need to be shipped to FFL?

An FFL is required to ship and receive any firearm receiver, including a completed (functional) 80% lower. Specifically, an FFL is required if you’ve done any work to an 80% lower receiver but you plan to ship, transfer or sell it.