Can you have multiple conditions in an if statement JavaScript?

You can use the logical AND (&&) and logical OR (||) operators to specify multiple conditions in an if statement. When using logical AND (&&), all conditions have to be met for the if block to run.

How do you add multiple conditions in an if statement?

Curly brackets with if/else statements If you want to execute multiple statements for the else condition, enclose the code in curly brackets. If you only need to execute a single statement for the else condition, you do not need to use curly brackets.

Can you have 3 conditions in an if statement JavaScript?

Using either “&&” or “||” i.e. logical AND or logical OR operator or combination of can achieve 3 conditions in if statement JavaScript.

How do you write nested if statements in JavaScript?


  1. If the first condition is true ( if (a == b) ), then the program checks for the nested if condition ( if (a == c) ).
  2. If the nested if is true, the statement is executed, i.e. “all are equal”.
  3. If the nested if is false, then the else statement is executed, i.e. “a and b are equal”.

How do you combine two conditions in an if statement in Java?

You can have two conditions if you use the double bars( || ). They mean “Or”. That means only ONE of your conditions has to be true for the loop to execute. If you want all of conditions to be true use && .

What does === mean in JavaScript?

is exactly equal to
The === operator means “is exactly equal to,” matching by both value and data type. The == operator means “is equal to,” matching by value only.

When can we use cascaded if?

Tip: use cascaded if only when one test has to pass. A cascaded if statement executes at most just one clause. Only the first True condition has its code executed. Even when multiple conditions are True , it’s only the first one that executes.

How many if statements can be nested one inside another?

Remarks. While Excel will allow you to nest up to 64 different IF functions, it’s not at all advisable to do so. Why? Multiple IF statements require a great deal of thought to build correctly and make sure that their logic can calculate correctly through each condition all the way to the end.

Is it possible to write more than one condition in if construct?

Here we’ll study how can we check multiple conditions in a single if statement. This can be done by using ‘and’ or ‘or’ or BOTH in a single statement. and comparison = for this to work normally both conditions provided with should be true. If the first condition falls false, the compiler doesn’t check the second one.