Can you play labyrinth online?

Labyrinthine on Steam. A co-op horror game like no other… Play with 1-4 players online as you solve puzzles, collect items and run from the horrors that lie within.

How do you play labyrinth board game?

The game board forms a maze built of both fixed and moving pieces. The players rearrange the maze to their advantage by moving a row of pieces in turn. Each player has one token, which they move in the maze. The player’s goal is to collect treasures in the labyrinth and then return to their own starting position.

How do you set up a labyrinth board game?

Along the edge of the board are 12 arrows. When it is your turn you must choose one of the arrows and then insert a maze card, which will push out a maze card at the opposite end. The card that is pushed out remains on the edge of the board until it is inserted elsewhere during the next player’s turn.

Is labyrinth worth playing?

Labyrinth is a long-standing best-seller among family board games and it’s easy to see why. The rules are easy to learn and although chance plays a large part for a novice, experience, tactics and skill can create an expert and a much more competitive match.

Can you play labyrinthine solo?

Labyrinthine is a horror game that can be played solo or co-operatively online that may just make you never want to enter a hedge maze again. As you navigate the dark corridors, you will be faced with puzzles, scares and Horrifying monsters with unique AI’s designed to hunt you down.

How long does it take to complete labyrinthine?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 6 3h 31m
Completionists 1 3h 15m
All PlayStyles 7 3h 28m

How long does it take to play Labyrinth?

How long does a game of Labyrinth last?

It’s hard to say exactly for VR games (and as mentioned above, even more so for puzzle games!), but our QA team reports an average of 10-15 hours+ of playtime to achieve all the endings.

How long does a game of Labyrinth take?

Originally posted by Whirblewind: While not technically untrue due to “all the endings”, the vast majority of people will put under 5 hours into this game to get to THE ending, and that’s with time added for failing puzzles because some of the puzzles withhold necessary information from you until you fail.

What age is labyrinth game suitable for?

12 – 16 years
Technical Details

Manufacturer’s suggested maximum weight ‎100 Grams
Language ‎English
Manufacturer recommended age ‎12 – 16 years
Item model number ‎26448
Product Dimensions ‎35.56 x 25.4 x 5.08 cm; 1.03 Kilograms

Is the labyrinth fun?

Very fun game with 4 players. Can either be fast paced or very slow paced due to everyone over strategizing. You think you have a strategy until three turns later and the whole Labyrinth is completely new.

Is labyrinthine game scary?

What is labyrinth game?

Description. Labyrinth (formerly The aMAZEing Labyrinth) has spawned a whole line of Labyrinth games. The game board has a set of tiles fixed solidly onto it; the remaining tiles that make up the labyrinth slide in and out of the rows created by the tiles that are locked in place. One tile always remains outside the labyrinth,…

What do you need to play the Labyrinth?

Play The Labyrinth unblocked. This game requires a mouse or keyboard to play, so it is not compatible with touchscreen only devices. This game runs directly in your browser – no downloads, no registration, no flash and no plugins are needed to play. You have to escape the labyrinth.

How to play the labyrinth without Flash Player?

Play The Labyrinth game online on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to fly your spaceship. Hold down the spacebar for turbo speed. This Flash game was resurrected by Ruffle. We are using Ruffle to emulate our old Flash games, allowing you to play them once again without Flash player.