Did Colbie Caillat re record breathe with Taylor Swift?

On February 11, 2021, Swift announced on Good Morning America that a re-recorded version of “Breathe”, titled “Breathe (Taylor’s Version)”, would be released on April 9, 2021 as the seventh track from Fearless (Taylor’s Version), the re-recorded version of Fearless. Caillat returned as the song’s feature.

Who did Taylor Swift wrote breathe about?

Taylor Swift
Colbie Caillat

Who is the song breathe about?

Songfacts®: This song seems to be about looking past our mistakes and moving forward. One interpretation is that the song deals with abortion: the singer’s friend calls her to tell her she is pregnant and that she does not want the baby nor does she love the father. >>

When did breathe by Taylor Swift come out?

2008Breathe / Released

Who is Emily Poe?

Emily Poe (now Stumler) was primarily Taylor’s fiddle player during the Taylor Swift and Pre-Fearless era. Her linkedIn profile states that she was working with Taylor from July 2006 until January 2008.

What album is Breathe by Taylor Swift on?

FearlessBreathe / Album

Who wrote the song breathe?

Holly Lamar
Stephanie Bentley

Who sings vocals on Breathe Pink Floyd?

Pink FloydBreathe / Artist

Who wrote breathe Pink Floyd?

Roger Waters
Richard WrightDavid Gilmour

Who sang the song just breathe?

Pearl JamJust Breathe / Artist

What happened with Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron?

While fans would love to believe that these two are ex-lovers, Swift and Agron have never confirmed a relationship happened.

What Taylor Swift songs are about Emily?

Name: Emily Poe (aka Taymily), now Emily Poe Stumler She can be seen in the Our Song music video starting at 1:31. Taylor’s “Beautiful Eyes” video features footage from her 18th birthday party, which Emily attended, and possibly includes Emily in a slideshow at 1:54 and dancing at 2:18.