Did Stonewall Kitchen Buy Village Candle?

York, Maine, February 3, 2020 – Leading specialty food producer Stonewall Kitchen announced today that it has completed its fourth acquisition, acquiring the Village Candle® brand of fragranced candles, gifts and accessories.

Is Village Candle and Yankee candle the same?

In terms of burn time the Village Candle is said to burn for 170 hours whereas Yankee’s offering is said to burn for 110-150 hours. The final obvious difference between the two is the wicks. Yankee Candles only contain one wick whereas Village Candles contain two.

Are village candles made in USA?

Guided by our passion and mastery for fragrance making, all our scents are born in Maine and made with meticulous care and craftsmanship.

What company makes village candles?

Stonewall Kitchen’s
Stonewall Kitchen’s Recently Acquired Brand, Village Candle, Launches New Gentlemen’s Collection.

Who owns Village Candle?

Stonewall KitchenVillage Candle Inc. / Parent organization

Are Village Candles toxic?

They burn evenly and are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. “These are candles made the way nature intended,” Aldrich says. “WeÂ’re excited to add them to our wide selection of scented candles.” Village Candle Factory store is the largest candle destination in Topsham and ships candles nationwide.

Do Village Candles have lead wicks?

Therefore, at Village Candle®, we have a firm commitment to quality and safety, never using lead wicks. Our wicks are safe and we use only the finest quality paper and pure cotton core wicks to manufacture our candles.”

Do village candles burn clean?

When the flames get low, let them glow! Once you reach the middle of your candle the flames may start to get small. Just wait and the flames will auto-correct, we’ve specifically designed our candles this way to provide a clean burn and prevent sooting.

Are village candles made from soy wax?

Village Candle Factory Store introduces a premium line of scented soy candles, a specialty product spurred by eco-consciousness and customer benefit. Soy wax produces 95% less soot than paraffin and is water soluble for easy cleanup.

Is Village Candle toxic?

In the hands of Village CandleÂ’s talented candle makers, it becomes a luxurious base. Infused with such olfactory delights as pear and anise and coconut milk and lime, the soy candles fill any room with a luscious scent. They burn evenly and are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.