Do all soffits need to be vented?

Soffit can be non-vented or vented to allow for maximum roof ventilation. Non-vented or continuous soffit works best when your roof has narrow eaves or if you need to ventilate a large amount of attic space.

Do you need air vents in soffits?

Soffit vents are required to cool the attic space and help circulate air from outside. The general rule of thumb for the amount of soffit ventilation required is to have at least one square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet of attic space.

What is non-vented soffit?

Non-vented soffits are the same panels, but they are missing the holes, or screens that are found often in plywood soffit, that allow air into the roof.

Should I use vented or solid soffit?

Vented Soffit Panels Increase Air Circulation Due to the small perforations, vented soffit panels increase the air circulation of the attic area. Solid soffit panels, on the contrary, effectively seal off the attic space from fresh air, causing the air inside to become trapped and grow stale.

Do old houses have soffit vents?

Older homes frequently did not have soffit venting but just a solid, usually plywood, soffit surface. Modern houses usually have a prefinished material, vinyl or aluminum, that’s perforated for venting used as soffit material.

How many vents should you have in your soffit?

If you’re installing soffits on your roof, you’ll need anywhere from 6 to 28 soffits total, depending on the size of your attic vent space. Your soffits’ spacing is important, and careful planning should be done before making any changes to your current ventilation system.

What is the difference between vented and non-vented soffit?

Soffit comes in two forms: vented and non-vented. The difference between vented and non-vented soffit is usually easy to see (vented soffit has holes while non-vented does not).

Where can I use solid soffit?

Solid soffits can be used in accent areas or areas where a vented panel is not necessary. If you are going to use solid soffits underneath your overhangs, you have the opportunity to create a venting system that is tailored to provide proper air circulation throughout your attic.

What is the difference between vented and non vented soffit?