Does Loomis Chaffee have a dress code?

Students should wear neat classroom attire, conforming to the Loomis Chaffee dress code (no jeans or tee shirts, ripped clothing, hoodies, or sweatpants). Most current students wear khaki pants or corduroys, while skirts are an option for girls. Collared shirts and sweaters are also appropriate.

Is Loomis Chaffee a good school?

The Loomis Chaffee School Reviews Loomis is an amazing school, however the deans and students don’t have a great relationship. Other than that, there is relative equity amongst departments, but athletes definitely have an advantage, especially in admissions.

How competitive is Loomis Chaffee?

Loomis had an acceptance rate of 20% for the 2020–2021 school year.

How much does it cost to go to Loomis Chaffee?

Boarding Tuition 2022–23
Tuition $65,350
Technology Fee (billed in August) $960
Health Center Fee (billed in August) $625
International Student Fee (billed in August) $1,060

How hard is it to get into Loomis Chaffee?

This past admissions cycle, Loomis Chaffee’s acceptance rate dropped to 20 percent, which shows both our community and the outside world that Loomis is now more competitive than ever. The heightened competition in our application cycle directly correlates to Loomis’s increased prestige.

Does Loomis Chaffee give scholarships?

Yes. Students whose families can afford the Loomis tuition can be named LC Scholars. In this case, the Scholar will receive a laptop and stipend to defray the cost of books and other fees, but no reduction in the cost of tuition.

What SSAT score do you need for Loomis?

The Loomis Chaffee School Ivies, MIT or Stanford this year, Loomis accepted 28% of its students, requiring a 70th percentile SSAT score.

What is the average SSAT score for Loomis Chaffee?

Their required SSAT score reached the 80th percentile this year. Ivies, MIT or Stanford this year, Loomis accepted 28% of its students, requiring a 70th percentile SSAT score. Academy admitted 29% of their applicants, and its freshman class scored in the 75th percentile on the SSAT.

What is the acceptance rate for Phillips Exeter Academy?

Despite Phillips Exeter Academy’s title as the No. 1 most elite boarding school for the second year in a row, it comes in at No. 8 on this list with a 19% acceptance rate, tied with Milton Academy.

How much is tuition at Avon Old Farms?


Program Tuition
Boarding Student $69,450
Day Student $52,740

Is Loomis Chaffee SSAT optional?

No. Loomis does not require admissions testing for any applicant.

What SSAT score do you need for Choate?

85th percentile
Choate Rosemary Hall boarding schools, Choate required an 85th percentile SSAT score, and admitted 19% of applicants.