Does Synology NAS support DLNA?

Overview. Synology NAS can serve as a multimedia server on the local area network, allowing home devices, such as TVs/stereo systems and Sony PlayStation3/Xbox 360, to play its multimedia contents. These devices are DLNA/UPnP-compliant digital media adapters (DMA).

How do I enable DLNA on Synology NAS?

To access the media files stored on your Synology NAS with DLNA TV:

  1. Go to DSM > Main Menu > Media Server to enable DLNA service, press the Device button on your remote to select your Synology NAS.
  2. Media files: Go to Main Menu > Application > Media Play (USB & DLNA) > Photo5/Music/Movie.

How do I setup a Synology NAS as a media server?


  1. Install Media Server. To install Media Server, please go to Package Center, find Media Server, and then click Install.
  2. Upload multimedia files to your Synology NAS.
  3. Configure browsing settings for your media player.
  4. Enhance DMA compatibility.
  5. Access the media files stored on your NAS with DLNA TV.

How do I set up a DLNA media server?

Setup DLNA Media Server

  1. Open the Start Menu and select Settings.
  2. Select Network & Internet.
  3. Select Ethernet (if your computer has a wired connection), or Wi-Fi (if your computer uses a wireless connection) on the left.
  4. Select Network and Sharing Center on the right.
  5. Select Media streaming options on the left.

Is DLNA the same as UPnP?

DLNA is derived from UPnP specifically for the purpose of media interoperability. The main difference between the two is the scope that they cover. As mentioned above, UPnP is a set of protocols that allow different devices to discover each other and use the services that they can offer.

How do I use my NAS as a media server?

The NAS device should appear as a network drive in Windows, MacOS or Linux, so you can copy and paste the files over as if it was a hard drive or USB drive plugged into your computer. With the media on your NAS device, you’ll now need to tell your media server software where to look for that media.

How do I stream photos from Synology to TV?

Sign in to Synology Moments with an administrator account. Click the Account icon from the bottom-left corner and select Settings. Go to the Shared Photo Library tab and click Enable Shared Photo Library. Set access permissions and click Save.

How do I stream music to Synology?

Enjoy the music stored on your Synology NAS with Audio Station

  1. Install Audio Station. Go to Package Center and find Audio Station.
  2. Store Audio Files to music folder. Go to File Station > music and click Upload.
  3. Browse Music.
  4. Public Sharing.
  5. Organise and Play Music on Mobile Devices.

How do I enable DLNA?

Windows has an integrated DLNA server you can enable. To activate it, open the Control Panel and search for “media” using the search box at the top right corner of the window. Click the “Media streaming options” link under Network and Sharing Center.

What is a DLNA media server?

The DLNA server is the device that stores and sends your movies, music and pictures. PCs running Windows have DLNA built into their operating system, and Windows Media Player can act as a media server that manages where the content is delivered and what content is accessible.

Should I enable UPnP and DLNA?

The DLNA standard uses UPnP, allowing for the discovery of other devices and communicate with those devices. So if you are not streaming media from a local PC(or other device) on your network then you will be OK to disable it. I would be careful disabling UPnP though as other technologies that you use might rely on it.

Is the Synology ds212j a budget NAS server?

Nevertheless, these tough economic times don’t allow most users out there to invest such an amount of money for a NAS server, so in this review we are going to take a detailed look at a budget-friendly NAS from Synology, the DS212j.

How do I update ds212j to the latest DSM version?

DSM is the operating system of DS212j. Please select your current DSM version and the version you wish to update to. Once the download is complete, go to DSM Control Panel to run a manual update. If you cannot find your current version here, please refer to this article.

What devices can I connect to my Synology network?

These DLNA/UPnP-compatible devices can easily be connected to your home network, just like any other desktop computer and media player. Only for a list of supported DLNA/UPnP TVs and DMA devices that have been verified by Synology. 3

How do I use Synology universal search and USB copy?

With Synology Universal Search, everything on your Synology NAS is just a few clicks away. USB Copy helps you copy files between your Synology NAS and external USB/SD storage devices. File copy can start right after an external storage device is plugged in to the Synology NAS, without any need to open the DSM web console.