How do I contact IBM employees?

Need more assistance? Call ‒ US: 800-426-4968 (non-technical inquiries) -or- use the contact form.

What is the retirement age in IBM?

You will be eligible for Access if you leave IBM at age 55 or above with at least five years of service, and age plus service equals 65 (“Rule of 65”). Those who are eligible for Access can continue IBM health care coverage for themselves and eligible dependents by paying full retiree rates.

Do IBM retirees have life insurance?

Life Insurance Program IBM also offers to all active employees (including Retiree Supplemental employees), the opportunity to purchase employee-paid insurance under the IBM Group Life Insurance Plan from MetLife. This includes coverage options for you, as well as your dependents.

Do IBM employees get a pension?

I.B.M. provides the nation’s third- largest corporate pension plan, with about $48 billion in assets.

What are IBM managed employee services?

Built on our talent platform, IBM’s managed employee services use human resource outsourcing to help your organization build resiliency and drive engaging employee experiences.

What does IBM do to help the community?

IBM recognizes and encourages the involvement of IBM employees and retirees who generously volunteer their time and talents in their local communities. We provide resources to employees and retirees to engage with community organizations and expand the value of their volunteer efforts. Corporate Service Corps

How can IBM employees get help with refinancing?

Refinancing is available to IBMers, their spouses or domestic partners, children, grandchildren and other family members and friends at a 0.25% discount. SoFi Mortgages SoFi offers mortgage options to help IBM employees qualify for more financing and save money with competitive rates.

What is IBM managed mental health care?

The IBM Managed Mental Health Care Program, administered by OptumHealth, provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient treatment for emotional and psychological problems, substance abuse and related conditions.