How do I get 100% in A Link Between Worlds?

Twilight Princess

  1. Extend the Life Gauge to 20.
  2. Obtain the Magic Armor.
  3. Obtain the Frog Lure and Sinking Lure.
  4. Upgrade the Arrow capacity to 100.
  5. Upgrade the Bomb capacity to double.
  6. Upgrade the Wallet capacity to 1,000.
  7. Collect all 4 Bottles.
  8. Collect all 3 Bomb Bags.

Where is Lake hylia link between worlds?

Lake Hylia appears in A Link Between Worlds, located southeast of Hyrule Castle. It features the House of Gales, the second dungeon in the game, on an island at its center, located where the Pond of Happiness was in A Link to the Past.

How do I get to Death Mountain in A Link Between Worlds?

One screen south of Rosso’s house, there is a cave on the right side that is blocked off by rocks. Lift the rocks with your newly acquired Power Glove and enter the cave. Follow the linear, windy path, defeating mini-moldorms along the way. Exit the cave to find yourself on top of Death Mountain.

How do I get to Death Mountain Lorule?

While in Hyrule, warp to Death Mountain; from the weather vane, merge into the wall above and walk left towards the doorway to Lorule. In Lorule, don’t emerge just yet; continue left to find a ledge with a single skull–smash the skull to reveal a Maimai #95 .

How do you get the Pegasus Boots in a link between worlds?

In A Link Between Worlds, the Pegasus Boots can be obtained by merging into a wall behind to the Shady Guy in Kakariko Village after he has stolen the Smooth Gem. Once caught, he will apologize for taking the stone and then proceed to give Link the boots.

How do you get the Golden Bee in a link between worlds?

To get it, Link must go to east side of Lake Hylia and enter the Ice Cave found there then use a Bomb inside to find a Fairy Fountain. There, Link has to Dash into the Fairy statue with the Pegasus Boots and the Golden Bee will appear.

Where is the lake tower?

Lake Tower is a Sheikah Tower within Breath of the Wild. It is located South East of the Great Plateau Tower Region. It is West of the Faron Tower region and East of the Wasteland Tower region.

Where is the lake region Botw?

The Lake Region is a huge body of water that encompasses most of the area South of the Great Plateau, in the south-central area of Hyrule. Beyond the lake and the giant bridge that spans it, there are several fields and forests on both sides, leading to the jungles of Faron further East.

How do you get the Pegasus Boots in A Link Between Worlds?

Where is the milk guy A Link Between Worlds?

Read it to learn about someone stranded on Death Mountain who just wants a drink from the Milk Bar. The next step is to head to Kakariko Village. You’ll find the Milk Bar in the southern portion of town. Speak to the owner inside to receive Premium Milk.

How do I get to the snow dungeon in a link between worlds?

Enter the portal to Lorule and climb back up the mountain through the ice cave. Upon reaching the top right of the mountain, use the Fire Rod to melt the frozen gargoyle and enter the dungeon. A large slab of ice will block your entrance into the dungeon’s interior, so melt it with fire to proceed.

How do you get to the boss in ice ruins link between worlds?

Follow this platform and pull the tongue of the statue once more, moving the large platform. Walk over and press the floor switch, creating a shortcut nearby. Use the big key to unlock the large door to the left. Slash at the skulls for some recovery hearts and once you are ready, drop down to take on the dungeon boss.

Where is Lake Hylia in a link to the past?

In A Link to the Past, Lake Hylia is located in southeast Hyrule and has a network of small caves coming off it. The lake itself is fed from Zora’s River, which in turn flows from Death Mountain. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle. Choose up to 7 games

What are the best side quests for Lake Hylia?

Lake Hylia: Sidequests 10. Lakebed Temple 11. The Master Sword 12. Gerudo Desert 13. Arbiter’s Grounds 14. Scaling Snowpeak 15. Snowpeak Ruins

Is there a walkthrough for link between worlds?

The walkthrough below is a complete 100% A Link Between Worlds walkthrough that will cover a full run through of the entire game, including strategies for all bosses and dungeons. We have separate guides for the Heart Pieces and the Maiamai Locations.

Where can I find Level 5 Lake Hylia?

In the Second Quest, Level 5 can be found in the southwestern island instead. In A Link to the Past, Lake Hylia is located in southeast Hyrule and has a network of small caves coming off it. The lake itself is fed from Zora’s River, which in turn flows from Death Mountain .