How do I register my SkyCaddie?

Apply a Prepaid SkyGolf Membership Card.

  1. SkyCaddie connected to the USB cable, but DO NOT connect the cable to your computer yet.
  2. SkyGolf Username and Password, if you have one. If not, you will be able to create an account in this process.
  3. Prepaid Membership Card, IF you purchased one from a golf shop.

Does SkyCaddie still require subscription?

No, the SkyCaddie Watch does not require a membership/subscription. You can choose to get the membership, or not get the membership.

How do I renew my SkyCaddie?

How do I renew my membership?

  1. Turn on your SkyCaddie and connect it to your computer.
  2. Launch CaddieSync.
  3. Click the ACCOUNT tab in the upper navigation bar.
  4. Login with your username and password.
  5. On the Account Overview page, click link the Renew link under Actions at the lower right of the CaddieSync window.

How do I register my SkyCaddie LX5?

To register the LX5 using our website and the with USB cable: Open a browser on your computer and go to Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration and activation process.

How do I register my SkyCaddie SX400?

Connect your SX400 to your computer using the enclosed micro USB C-Type cable. 2. Go to and click on “Register New Product” on the top menu bar 3. Turn on the SX400 and click SYNC and then USB SYNC.

What is SkyGolf 360?

SkyGolf 360 is golf’s greatest online community that connects you with other golfers, tracks all aspects of your game, and provides statistical analysis of your rounds to help you improve.

Can you use SkyCaddie SX400 without subscription?

Ongoing use of the SkyCaddie SX400 will require a membership with SkyGolf.

What is skytrak ESN Number?

There are 3 places that you can look to find your product’s ESN: Near the barcode on the back of your product. On the product packaging. In the product’s software under “Settings > Info” (or “Settings > Member Info”)

How do I reset my SkyCaddie SX400?

Course Reset: Deletes all courses except the courses preloaded from the factory Page 25 25 • Factory Reset: Press “Factory Reset” only if you wish to delete all your data and personalized settings from your SkyCaddie SX400. Pushing the “OK” button will completely reset your device.

Does SkyCaddie work with Apple Watch?

Does SkyCaddie Mobile have an Apple Watch app? While SkyGolf does not currently offer an Apple Watch app, we have released the Linx GT. Golf’s smartest, simplest and most advanced watch yet! The Linx GT features the simplicity of a golf gps watch with the expanded views of a mobile app and much more!

Does SkyCaddie have slope?

In conformance with USGA regulations, SkyCaddie does not factor slopes or gradients into distance calculations. The Target List displays a list of distances to hazards, carries and layups located ahead from your position on the hole.

How do I transfer my SkyTrak license?

TGC for SkyTrak

  1. Contact TGC at ([email protected]) and explain that you purchased a used system and want to transfer the license.
  2. Include the original license key from the previous owner (can only be given by the previous owner).
  3. Register the copy of TGC as a new registration.