How do I top up Vectone?

It’s easy to use a USSD/shortcode. Dial *141* followed by the 16-digit paysafecard PIN followed by * and the amount and# (the amounts you can top up by are £5, £10, £20, £30 or £50).

How do I check minutes on Vectone?

Balance: Check your account balance by dialling *102#.

How do I activate my Vectone Mobile data?

It’s very simple. Simply go to your network/data configuration settings. From there all you need to do is change your Access Point Name (APN) to Click iPhone OS or Android, to see instructions on enabling data manually.

Is Vectone to Vectone free?

Now you can call and text them for free anytime thanks to free Vectone to Vectone calls and texts.

How long does vectone credit last?

60 days
Eligibility & validity Allowances are for calls and texts from the UK to other UK numbers, and for mobile data usage within the UK. Use of any of Vectone Mobile services requires acceptance of Vectone Mobile Standard Terms and Conditions found here. In any case the credit will expire 60 days from the date of purchase.

Which network does vectone use?

Just as a side info: Vectone only is a virtual mobile communication network, it actually uses the infrastructure of A1.

Does vectone have 4G?

Voice over LTE (4G Calling) makes clearer HD calls over 4G networks. Unused mobile data allowance rolled over from one month to the next.

What are data bundles?

Data bundles are essentially packages – either internet access (surf the internet within a certain limit of bytes and/or time) or airtime & SMS (call your loved ones and send them messages) or more commonly, a combination of both.

Does vectone have 5G?

5G Network No 5th generation network. Max data speed of 10 or 20 Gb/s.

Who is the owner of vectone?

Baskaran Allirajah
Baskaran Allirajah is the Group Founder and Chairman of the Vectone Mobile Groups of companies.

Is vectone good network?

One of the worst mobile service. Their network is good but don’t fall for their offers. Do not top up with extra money. If you do that then Vectone will keep deducting your money stating unnecessary reasons.

How much is 1GB of data cost?

On one hand, Indian telecoms are offering 1GB mobile data at $0.09 or Rs 6.7, there are countries that go as high as $27 per GB. In fact, in 2018, India offered 1GB data at $0.3 or Rs 18.5, but the data offered by telcos now is about 65 percent cheaper.

What are the terms and conditions of Vectone pay as you go?

You must accept all terms and conditions to take advantage of the bundle or offer. Balance: Check your account balance by dialling *102#. Credit SIM can only be used by Vectone Mobile UK Pay As You Go customers. Allowances are for calls and texts from the UK to other UK numbers, and for mobile data usage within the UK.

How much does it cost to register for a Vectone account?

Registering for a My Vectone account is free! Once registered, you can check your balance, call history, edit your personal details, add credit and much more. Why did my online transaction fail?

How do I check my credit card balance on my Vectone?

From your phone’s call screen, key in *102# and press the call button. Your credit balance will automatically display on screen. How much does it cost to register for a My Vectone?