How do I turn off oaf customization?

Steps to Delete/ Activate/ Deactivate OAF Personalization

  1. Go to Functional Administrator. Click on Personalization tab.
  2. Click Application Catalog option.
  3. Give Document Root Path as “/oracle/apps/pos/supplier/webui” and press Go. Page will display all the Personalizations.

How do I customize my oaf page?

Personalization in OAF

  1. Personalize Self-Service Defn : In order to do Personalization this profile has to set to “Yes” at appropriate level.
  2. FND: personalization region Link Enabled : If you set this profile value to “Yes” and “Personalize Self-Service Defn” is also “Yes” the you can do Personalization at region level.

How do I enable personalized link in oaf?

How to Enable Personalization link for OAF Pages using Profile…

  1. FND: Diagnostics. Setting the FND: Diagnostics (FND_DIAGNOSTICS) profile option to “Yes” will enable the diagnostics global button to be rendered on the screen.
  2. Personalize Self-Service Defn.
  3. FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled.

Which profile option activates about this page link at the bottom of OA Framework pages?

FND: Diagnostics
Tip: You may also want to set the FND: Diagnostics (FND_DIAGNOSTICS) profile option to Yes to render the “About this page” link at the bottom of each OA Framework-based page.

How do I disable Vo extension in oaf?

We should delete the registration of the extended VO from the Application Java_Top for which Oracle has provided some standard APIs. In this API we pass the Path of the Custom VO and then this API delete its registrations from the Application.

Which are correct type of user profiles in Oracle Apps?

Profile Option in Oracle Apps

  • Site (restricted to the whole of Apps)
  • Application ( restricted only to a particular application like Payables, Receivables)
  • Responsibility (restricted only to a particular responsibility)
  • Organization (restricted to a particular organization)
  • User (restricted to a user)

How do I enable examine options in Oracle Apps?

Steps 2

  1. Enter profile name: Utilities:Diagnostics.
  2. Enter Application User for whom you want to enable Diagnostics-> Examine.
  3. Note –
  4. You can set Yes at Site level also if you want to enable this option for all Oracle application users.
  5. Enter profile name: Hide Diagnostics menu entry.

What are the profile options needed to be enabled for self-service page personalization?

The three profile options are as follows: Personalize Self-Service Defn: When set to Yes, a Personalize Page link will appear at the top of each self-service page. FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled: When set to Yes, a Personalize Region link will appear on each region of a self-service page.

How do I change profile options in Oracle Apps R12?


  1. Log on to Oracle Applications as sysadmin/sysadmin.
  2. Select the System Administrator responsibility.
  3. Navigate to Profile > System > Find System Profile Values window.
  4. Query the system for JTF profile options:
  5. Verify and/or set the following JTF profile option for Oracle iSupport.

What is flex in Oracle Apps?

$FLEX$ is a Special Variables in oracle Apps environment and is used in Value sets to hold values at runtime. It is Used for basing the value of a parameter and generate a LOV on another parameter.

How do I disable diagnostics in Oracle Apps r12?

Disable diagnostic logging with the following steps:

  1. Login as a user with System Administrator responsibility and then navigate to: Profile > System. Set the following profile option at the User level:
  2. Logout of the application.
  3. Login again and confirm that the message no longer appears.

How do I enable diagnostics in Oracle Apps oaf?

How to Enable Diagnostics on OAF Pages

  1. Enable the Diagnostics by Setting Profile FND:Diagnostics to Yes.
  2. Once the above profile is set to Yes .
  3. click on Diagnostics and select “Show Log on Screen” and press Ok.
  4. Select Statement and press Ok.