How do I unlock my LG Blu Ray player?

1) Press the “Setup” button on the remote to get to the settings menu. 2) Select “Blu-ray Disc Settings”. 4) Change your DVD player’s area code to “1” for this setting. 5) Exit the menu and your Blu ray player will now play all discs without restrictions.

How do I change the region code on my LG DVD player?

• If the above instruction doesn’t work for your model, try the following steps.

  1. Power on the LG DVD player without any disc inside.
  2. Press the PAUSE button and enter the code 314159.
  3. Enter the region you want to set up.
  4. Press Pause to exist.
  5. Turn off the DVD player and turn on again. •

How do I unlock my blu ray player region?

Region Free Hack Method 3: how to make blu ray player region free

  1. (Works with most Sony DVD players and other players)
  2. Turn DVD player OFF but make sure it is in “stand by mode”
  3. Press: TOP MENU.
  4. Press: CLEAR.
  5. Press: POWER.
  6. Choose option 2.
  7. Choose option 4.
  8. Type in: 12450 and press ENTER.

Can I make my DVD player region free?

To make your DVD player region free or multi-region, you can hack it. … Sony, Samsung, and Philips are easy to handle, but some of them require extra steps, such as a firmware update for playing any region DVD without changing region code on DVD players, or burning a CD image to a disk.

Why are Blu Rays region locked?

Region coding enables copyright holders to (attempt to) prevent a DVD from a region from which they do not derive royalties from being played on a DVD player inside their region. Region coding attempts to dissuade importing of DVDs from one region into another.

Is LG Blu Ray player region free?

Product Description. This player is easy to use and compatible with DVDs and Blu-rays purchased anywhere internationally. Supports PAL and NTSC with full conversion so you can play any DVD or Blu-ray on any TV. At 110-240 volts, the Blu ray DVD player works internationally with electricity around the world.

How do I make my LG dp132 DVD player region free?

How do I make my LG DVD player region free?

  1. Turn on the player (without disc inserted)
  2. Open the disc tray.
  3. (Press PAUSE)
  4. Press 0, 0, 0, (0)
  5. Enter region (1-6; 0=region free)
  6. (Press PAUSE)
  7. Turn it off.

Can Blu Ray players be made region free?

LG 4KUHD Region Free Blu Ray Player The LG 4K Smart Blu ray player is also a region-free Blu-ray player that allows Blu ray discs from region A, B, and C as well as DVDs from 0 to 8 region numbers. Thus, you can get this all-in-one device to play all of your Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs, and 3D movies.

How do I change the region code on my Blu-ray player?

Change Blu-Ray Disc Regional Code Settings in PowerDVD

  1. In the main PowerDVD menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings page, select BD Settings.
  3. Select the region you want from the Region Selection drop-down menu. The default setting is Region A.

How do I play a DVD with a different region code?

In the Device Manager window, double-click the DVD/CDROM drives icon. In the Device Properties window, click to select the DVD Region tab. In the DVD Region window, click to select the appropriate region code. Click the OK button.

How can I play non US DVD format?

How to Play a Region 2 DVD

  1. Buy a region-free DVD player. You can find these for affordable prices on websites like
  2. Buy a Region 2 DVD player. has a European website at
  3. Change your computer DVD drive’s region coding.
  4. Make a copy of your disc.

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