How do you announce a business name change?

How to Announce a New Company Name

  1. Inform Your Employees First. Announce your new company name to your company’s workforce before you go public, recommends marketing website Digett.
  2. Let Your Customers Know.
  3. Inform Other Stakeholders.
  4. Prepare to Inform the Press.
  5. Update All Marketing Materials.

How do I write a business name change letter?

This is to inform you that our company has recently changed the business name from [Old Company name] to [New company name]. The change came into effect on [Month DD, YYYY]. Please note that there has been no change in management and in range of product / services we offer.

How do you announce a product name change?

Day of name change:

  1. An announcement email to all customers and trials (despite who had opened / not opened)
  2. An announcement email to cold-leads, communicating our name change and inviting them to start trialing us again.
  3. A reminder after-login message to all customers and trials.
  4. A social media post.

How do you announce a change of ownership?

Put your ownership transition announcement in writing first, such as in a company press release, then have a speech prepared to announce the change to the entire organization in a formal company meeting where you provide handouts of information. Make the announcement more than a few days before the change.

How do you write an announcement in an email?

How to write an email announcement

  1. Start with an introduction. Begin your email by introducing the announcement.
  2. Explain relevance to the readers.
  3. Write a call to action.
  4. Provide additional details.
  5. Launching a product.
  6. Company event.

How do you let your customers know you are rebranding?

Make the announcement. “Send an email to your customers letting them know that they’re going to see some new things,” Jones said. “Clearly explain your goals and reasoning for the rebrand, and assure them that the great service they’ve already been receiving will continue. Get the media involved.

How do I write a letter to inform of name change?

I am writing this letter to you, to inform you that my name as in your records is ___________ (Name). I would request you to kindly update it to ___________ (New Name). I am also attaching a copy of ___________ (Driving Licence/ Marriage Certificate – Mention Document) for your reference.

How do you write a name change on a email?

I would state that the spelling of my name i.e. ___________ (Incorrect Spelling) in the official records is incorrect. I am writing this letter to request you to kindly update the same to _____________ (Correct spelling) to prevent any confusions in the coming future. I shall be highly served if you do the needful.

How do you communicate with a name change?

Announce the name change publicly, with a multichannel approach. If you are notifying customers by email, follow up with a letter mailed to their place of business. Reach out to relevant media with a press release and consider placing an ad in key publications, if the name change is a significant one.

How do you communicate with rebranding?

8 steps to rebrand communications success…

  1. Fully understand the commercial drivers behind your rebrand.
  2. Establish a new messaging framework.
  3. Identify the scope and timeline of work required.
  4. Communicate the rebrand internally.
  5. Communicate the rebrand to all clients and stakeholders.

How do you write a transfer of ownership letter?

An ownership transfer letter can be written in the following way:

  1. Explain the purpose of the transfer request letter.
  2. Consider the overall position of the asset.
  3. Mention how the transfer will be of mutual benefit.
  4. Ensure the clarity of pints.
  5. Mention details of who is involved.
  6. Terms, conditions, and legal obligations.

How do you announce the sale of your business?

In announcing the sale, consider this advice:

  1. Step 1 – Tell Your Employees.
  2. Step 2 – Tell Customers, Suppliers, and Business Associates.
  3. Step 3 – Announce the Sale to News Outlets.
  4. Step 4 – Move Aside.
  5. Step 5 – Move On.