How do you decoupage a magnet?


  1. Punch out the circles using a circle punch.
  2. Paint Mod Podge on the back of the marble pieces with a foam brush.
  3. Add more Mod Podge on the back and let dry for 20 minutes.
  4. Add a dab of E-6000 glue to the back and then firmly press on your magnet.

How do you make a Mod Podge picture magnet?

Mod-Podge Dimensional Magic Glaze. magnetic tape….DIY Instagram magnets

  1. Step 1: Download your Instagrams.
  2. Step 2: Print your photos.
  3. Step 3: Cut them out.
  4. Step 4: Cut your mat board, then glue.
  5. Step 5: Glaze with Magic.
  6. Step 6: Dry.
  7. Step 7: Add magnetic strips and admire your work.

How do you make a permanent magnet?

Take two magnets put one North pole and one South pole on the middle of the iron. Draw them towards its ends, repeating the process several times. Take a steel bar, hold it vertically, and strike the end several times with a hammer, and it will become a permanent magnet.

How do you make a homemade magnet?

  1. Step 1: Strip it down. Being careful not to cut yourself or the wire, trim 2.5cm (1in) of plastic coating away from the wire at each end.
  2. Step 2: Wrap the nail. Wrap the wire around the nail, with about 20cm (8in) of wire free at either end.
  3. Step 3: Tape it down.
  4. Step 4: Make your magnet.

How do you make Modge podge glass magnets?

  1. With a paintbrush, brush a thin coat of Mod Podge onto the flat side of a gem, then press it firmly onto the paper.
  2. Cut Excess Paper.
  3. After the Mod Podge is dry, grab your scissors and cut around the gem to remove the excess paper.
  4. Attach Magnet to Gem.

How do you make a simple homemade magnet?

A simple temporary magnet can be made with a tiny piece of metal, such as a paperclip, and a refrigerator magnet. Gather these items as well as a smaller piece of metal, such as an earring back or a tiny nail, that you can use to test the magnetic properties of the magnetized paperclip.

What material is used to make a permanent magnet?

Permanent magnets are made using ferromagnetic materials like iron, cobalt, nickel etc. Alloys of rare earth metals are also used to make permanent magnets. Lodestone is a mineral used for permanent magnets.

Can you epoxy a magnet?

What is the best glue for magnets on metal? The best types of glue for magnets on metal include two-part epoxy glue, gorilla glue, super and crazy glue, as well as liquid nails and any kind of silicone adhesive. Remember,hot glue can damage most types of magnets.