How do you get a rebel in nuclear throne?

Rebel is unlocked by defeating the Throne II boss and looping back to the Desert.

What is the best character in nuclear throne?

Top 3 favorite characters in the game:

  • 263 votes – Yung Venuz.
  • 122 votes – Robot.
  • 100 votes – Rebel.

How do I get better at nuclear throne?

Nuclear Throne – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

  1. Don’t be too worried about ammo conservation, the game is more likely to give you more when you’re low.
  2. Pretty much any weapon is better than the revolver the game starts you with, switch it out a.s.a.p.
  3. In fact, try out any new weapon you find.

How do you unlock chicken in nuclear throne?

Chicken is unlocked by reaching the Jungle secret area.

How do you get rogue B skins?

B-Skin. Unlocked by defeating the Captain boss as Rogue. Rogue has been designed as a difficult to play, rush character.

How do you get horror B-Skin?

B-Skin. Unlocked by defeating the Hyper Crystal boss as Horror. Horror takes the shape of an amorphous radioactive energy being that can turn radiation into a deadly beam, which can be used offensively and defensively. Horror also gets one extra mutation choice after leveling up.

What is the best weapon in nuclear throne?

Nuclear Throne: 8 Best Weapons

  • 7 Shell Weapons. Flak Cannon.
  • 5 Explosive Weapons. Grenade Launcher.
  • 4 Energy Weapons. Super Plasma Cannon.
  • 3 Melee Weapons. Jackhammer.
  • 2 Ultra Weapons. Ultra Grenade Launcher.
  • 1 Golden Weapons. Golden Assault Rifle.

What does eyes do in nuclear throne?

Eyes is a manipulative mutant who can outsmart his enemies and see threats coming he otherwise wouldn’t have. His active allows him to lure enemies into hazards or towards himself, pull in pickups and weapons and steer projectiles away from himself.

How do you unlock Crystal B skins?

B-Skin. Unlocked by reaching the Cursed Crystal Caves as Crystal. Crystal is the most survivability-focused mutant in the game. Being the only character with 10 HP, Crystal already has a defensive advantage.

How do you unlock fish b-skin?

B-Skin. Unlocked by looping (reaching the Campfire) with each character (excluding hidden characters). Fish is a versatile mutant that uses his high mobility and ammo income to outrun and outgun enemies.

How do you get crystal b Skin in nuclear throne?

What is looping Nuclear Throne?

Looping. Destroying all four Large Generator props during the Palace area boss fight guarantees that a Loop Portal opens after the boss is defeated. After entering the Loop Portal you will return to the place where you pick your character – The Campfire (area 0-1).