How do you get Tali to reveal her face?

This created a lot of intrigue around Tali during the Mass Effect trilogy’s original run a decade ago, as her face was always shrouded behind her iconic purple mask. The only way to view Tali’s face is by romancing her in Mass Effect 3. This will spawn an unmasked photo of her next to Commander Shepard’s bedside.

Does Tali ever show her face?

Tali’s face was eventually shown at the end of Mass Effect 3 to those who romanced the character via a picture in Shepard’s cabin. Her design was based on the Photoshop of a human stock photo model – something which angered some of the character’s fans.

Did they fix Tali’s face?

Players discovered one such change over the weekend, with a major, but easily missable, update to Tali’Zorah’s infamous maskless picture. The old stock image is gone, replaced with a visible rendering of Tali’s visible face, breathing in the non-toxic air of her homeworld, Rannoch.

Can you see Tali without mask?

Yes there is. If you speak to her on the Normandy after that mission, she will tell you that she left something for you in your cabin. If you then go to your cabin, you will find a picture of her without her mask next to your bed. This only occurs if you’ve romanced her though.

How old is Tali Zorah?

Tali’Zorah nar Rayya is 22 in Mass Effect 1, born in 2161. Liara T’soni was born in 2077, which would make her 106 at the start of ME1.

Does Tali remove her helmet?

If Shepard allows the geth to be upgraded, Tali watches in horror as she witnesses the entirety of the Migrant Fleet crash and burn up in Rannoch’s atmosphere. Filled with despair, she removes her mask, declares “I’m sorry”, and commits suicide by throwing herself off a cliff.

Does Tali ever remove her suit?

For context, Tali’Zorah is a quarian: a race of humanoid aliens that never take off their special space suits (because they have terrible immune systems).

Who is the best romance in Mass Effect?

Liara T’Soni Liara’s status as by far the best long-term romance option in the original Mass Effect game is already reason enough to rank her high on this list, but her lofty placement is really all about how your relationship with Liara evolves across the trilogy.

What does Tali call her drone?

Chiktikka vas Paus can be interpreted to mean: Chiktikka (which is its given name), crew of the ship ‘Paus’. Its name implies that the drone is actually not of the same ship that Tali serves on (the Neema or the Normandy), nor is Chiktikka from the ship Tali was born on (the Rayya).

Are there any male asari?

You see, though the asari are a parthenogenetically reproducing race with only one biological sex, they essentially look like blue human women with fancy head-tentacles — and they’re all female.

Can you save Tali from killing herself?

Tali survives so long as you do not pick the geth – either pick the quarians or mediate a peace between them. Depends on the choices you made in ME2 and in the rannoch mission. You had to destroy the heretic geth, prevent Tali from getting exiled, and make sure both Tali and Legion remained loyal.