How many NFS movies are there?

Box office performance

Film Release date Box office gross
Need for Speed: Most Wanted April 29, 2013 $629,475,708
Need for Speed: Underground 2 March 13, 2015 $
Need for Speed: Carbon March 8, 2017 $

Will there be a NFS 2 movie?

Need for Speed 2 isn’t happening anytime soon Unfortunately, the project hasn’t gained any momentum since that announcement, and if Hollywood history has taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t hold our breath for movies that are stuck in development hell.

Where can I watch NFS?

Watch Need for Speed | Netflix.

Is Need for Speed based on a true story?

Need for Speed is a 2014 action thriller film directed and co-edited by Scott Waugh and written by George and John Gatins….Need for Speed (film)

Need for Speed
Screenplay by George Gatins
Story by George Gatins John Gatins
Based on Need for Speed by Electronic Arts
Produced by John Gatins Patrick O’Brien Mark Sourian

Why did they not make a Need For Speed 2?

Need For Speed Was A U.S. Box Office Flop (But Was Huge In China) One immediate roadblock to Aaron Paul appearing in a sequel was the fact Need For Speed’s domestic haul was less than $45 million, which didn’t even cover its production budget.

What car did Tobey drive in Need for Speed?

In the first race, Dino (Dominic Cooper) said that the three cars are identical Koenigsegg Ageras, but Dino’s car and Little Pete’s (Harrison Gilbertson) cars are Agera R, while Tobey ‘s(Aaron Paul) car is only an Agera.

When did Need for Speed 2 movie come out?

1997Need for Speed II / Initial release date

What Mustang is in Need for Speed movie?

The Actual Mustang Build While the car in the movie is portrayed to be a Shelby Mustang, in truth, it was a special one-of-a-kind Ford Mustang GT500 built by Ford and DreamWorks.

Is the Need for Speed movie on Disney plus?

Watch Need for Speed | Full Movie | Disney+

Is Need for Speed on Disney +?

Watch Need for Speed | Full movie | Disney+

What is the de Leon race?

The “DeLeon” The movie’s climactic race is called The DeLeon. The name is never explained, but to “Need for Speed” aficionados, it doesn’t have to be. They’ll know that it’s the last name of Cesar DeLeon, a character in “Need for Speed: The Run,” released in 2011.

What car did Tobey drive in Need For Speed?