How many offices do Gartner have?

~16,000. We have nearly 16,000 associates in 90+ offices globally.

Where are Gartner’s headquarters?

Stamford, CTGartner / Headquarters

What does Gartner company do?

Gartner, Inc. is a research and advisory company, which equips business leaders with insights, advice, and tools that help build organizations. It operates through the following segments: Research, Consulting, and Conferences.

Is Gartner a good company to work for?

Gartner is a great place to work in terms of flexibility and learning opportunities. Overall, the people are really smart and nice to work with. The company needs to do more at the overall leadership and business unit leadership for hiring, retention, and recognition of minorities and women.

Why is Gartner worthless?

Gartner doesn’t do a deep technical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of software in house; they instead send out surveys and let their customers do it for them. Except they also don’t appear to take the survey results into account either based on how they’ve ranked Oracle this year.

Who is the CEO of Gartner?

Eugene A. Hall (Jul 23, 2004–)Gartner / CEO

Who is Gartner owned by?

The firm’s general partners include Roger McNamee, a co-founder who gained fortune and fame as an investor, and Ed Zander, who joined Silver Lake after 15 years as a top executive with Sun Microsystems.

Who are Gartner’s biggest clients?

Its clients include large corporations, government agencies, technology companies, and investment firms.

Is IT hard to get into Gartner?

Learn more about Gartner interview questions and interview process from current employees. The majority of employees think that Gartner interview questions are difficult and rate their experience an A or 79/100. The average employee completed 3 rounds of the interview process and received a response within 1-2 weeks.

Is Gartner respected?

Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, is proud to announce that it has been recognized among the world’s most respected and reputable organizations for the seventh consecutive year. The ranking from Fortune is based on feedback from executives, directors and analysts.

Can Gartner Be Trusted?

Overall, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant provides a decent snapshot of an entire market. However, crowdfunded companies or ones of smaller scales are not considered at all in Gartner’s analyses. If you’re part of an SME, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is likely of low relevance to your company.

What does Gartner mean?

Gartner is an information technology (IT) research and consultancy company, formerly known as Gartner Group. Gartner’s corporate divisions include Research, Executive Programs, Consulting and Events. The company’s two main data visualization and analysis tools are Gartner Magic Quadrants and the hype cycle.