How much does a 6036 SkyTrak weigh?

21300 lb
BIM Files

Operating Vehicle Weight 21300 lb / 9661.52 kg
Transmission – Nr Forward Gears Standard 4
Transmission – Nr Reverse Gears 3
Transmission Type Powershift

What is the weight of a SkyTrak 6042?

25100 lb
Key Specs

Axle-Rear Oscillating
Operating Vehicle Weight 25100 lb / 11385.17 kg
Service Brake Type Wet Multi-Disc
Transmission – Nr Forward Gears Standard 4

How much weight can a SkyTrak lift?

Key Specs

Outriggers Up Lift Capacity Full Reach 1400 lb / 635.03 kg
Load Center 2 ft / 0.61 m
Maximum Lift Capacity 10000 lb / 4535.92 kg
Outriggers Up Max Lift Height 53 ft 2 in. / 16.21 m

Is a SkyTrak a forklift?

SkyTrak is considered to be one of the world’s premier names in rough terrain forklift equipment.

How much does a JLG 8042 weight?

27100 lb
Key Specs

Axle-Front High Bias, Limited Slip
Axle-Rear Oscillating
Function Pump Type Var Load Sensing Piston
Operating Vehicle Weight 27100 lb / 12292.35 kg

What is a SkyTrak 6036?

The 4-wheel drive SkyTrak 6036 combines a notable lift height with a lift capacity of 6,000 lbs for power and maneuverability to tackle the toughest construction and industrial jobs. 6000 lb capacity, 36′ reach, 4X4, crrab steer.

How much does a skytrak 8042 weight?

How much does a 6000 lb Telehandler weight?

Its operating weight is 17,600 lbs. and the telehandler provides an outside turning radius of 13 ft. 4 in.

What’s the biggest skytrak?

The Skytrak 12054 telehandler is now the largest model in this line. It is rated for 12,000 lbs. and utilizes a single joystick as well as an integrated hitch and boom-mounted lifting lug. This machine is not only powerful, but it also maneuvers well in tight spaces.

Is SkyTrak made by JLG?

“The expansion of the SkyTrak line into the 12,000- and 3,000-pound classes represents the ongoing commitment JLG has made to providing its customers with a wide-range of telescopic handler solutions that can help them complete anything from smaller scale construction projects to larger industrial sized jobs,” said …

How much do telehandlers weigh?

capacity telehandler will weigh about 27,000 lbs. – add in the load weight and you could easily have 35,000 lbs. in motion. To put that amount of weight in perspective, a Toyota Camry weighs about 3,200 lbs., so a loaded telehandler can easily be 10 times the weight of a sedan.

How much does a 8042 skytrak weight?