How much horsepower does a VL Commodore have?

Now adapted to unleaded fuel, this V8 5.0-litre was boasting both more power and torque than its predecessor, now at 122 kilowatts (164 hp) with 323 newton-metres (238 ft⋅lbf).

What does Holden BT1 mean?

BT1 – national police pack.

How many VL Walkinshaw were made?

Initially only 500 were built but the decision was made to create another 250 after the first 500 were snapped up. It proved to be a bad call — those last 250 cars took ages to sell after news of the upcoming VN Group A SS leaked out.

What is a VL Turbo?

“The turbo challenges the bent block alternative for performance leadership. Measured against the VK Commodore’s leaded petrol five-litre V8, the VL’s turbo six has lower maximum torque level and higher maximum power, which translates simplistically to less performance down low and more up top.

How much is a VL Walkinshaw worth?

A 1988 Holden VL Walkinshaw SS Group A homologation special has been listed for sale in NSW, with price expectations “in excess of $1 million.” Of the 750 Walkinshaw SS cars built, this example is number 439.

How much are VL Commodores worth?

An average VL Commodore has a value of about $5000, but yours could be worth $8000-$10,000 if it is as good as you say.

What does P car mean on a Commodore?

yes. P/CAR is passenger car…

What is a VS Commodore?

The Holden Commodore (VS) is an executive car which was produced by Holden from 1995 to 1997 and 2000 for utility versions. It was the fourth and final iteration of the second generation of the Commodore. The range included the luxury variants, Holden Berlina (VS) and Holden Calais (VS).

What is a VL Walkinshaw worth?

How much is an original VL Walkinshaw worth?

A distinctive-looking 30-year-old Holden Commodore has reached a new price record at auction. A 1988 VL Commodore Walkinshaw Group A SS sold at a Burns & Co auction on Sunday in Moama in rural New South Wales for a previously unheard-of $340,000.

Is a VL Turbo a Holden?

The VL was also assembled in Indonesia with the last of them being the “Holden Calais 2000”. Electronic Fuel Injection made its V8 debut in the VL Commodore on the Walkinshaw version of the Group A SS in 1988. This milestone car heralded Holden Special Vehicles as GMH’s new performance car partner.

Is Walkinshaw a Holden?

The name Walkinshaw has become synonymous with performance cars in Australia for decades. Ever since Tom Walkinshaw became Holden’s official partner and established Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) in 1988, the family has been making Australian’s cars go faster.