How much is bulk SMS per unit?

The cost depends on the volume of units; N2 per unit from 500 units to 9,999 units, N1. 90 per unit from 10,000 units to 99,999 units.

How can I buy bulk SMS?

Bulk Sms Pricing – Details

  1. 5000 SMS @ Rs.1062/- (Inclusive GST) Valid for 1 Year. Rate per sms Rs.0.18.
  2. 5000 SMS.
  3. 10000 SMS @ Rs.2006/- (Inclusive GST) Valid for 1 Year.
  4. 10000 SMS.
  5. 25000 SMS @ Rs.4720/- (Inclusive GST) Valid for 1 Year.
  6. 25000 SMS.
  7. 50000 SMS @ Rs.8850/- (Inclusive GST) Valid for 1 Year.
  8. 50000 SMS.

Which is the best bulk SMS provider?

Best Bulk SMS Providers in India

  • Text Local. Text Local is one of the largest and most sought-after bulk messaging service providers.
  • Fast2SMS.
  • 2Factor.
  • TextGuru.
  • Exotel.
  • Knowlarity.
  • Value First.
  • InfoBip.

Can we send bulk SMS?

By sending bulk SMS you can reach any sized group of contacts within seconds, easily communicating with customers, clients and staff at the click of a button. Cheaper than post and proven to be more effective than email, bulk SMS is a tool that can support any business of any size and sector.

How is bulk SMS charged?

We charge between ₦1.60 – ₦2.49 per page of SMS to Nigerian GSM Numbers. Your effective sending rate gets lower when you recharge higher amounts.

What is the SMS cost?

Short Code SMS volume pricing

SMS messages per month Messages received Messages sent
First 500K messages $ 0.0075 * $ 0.0075 *
Next 4.5 million messages $ 0.0050 * $ 0.0050 *
Next 20 million messages $ 0.0030 * $ 0.0030 *
Next 75 million messages $ 0.0020 * $ 0.0020 *

How can send bulk SMS for free?

Top 14 Bulk SMS Free Apps in India 2022 (Free Bulk SMS Senders)

  1. Fast2SMS.
  2. SpringEdge.
  3. TextLocal.
  4. Msg91.
  5. Atomic SMS Sender.
  6. FrontlineSMS.
  7. playSMS.
  8. RapidSMS.

Which is the cheapest bulk sms provider in India?

Why Fast2SMS is the cheapest Bulk SMS Service Provider in India? Fast2SMS offers Bulk SMS Service at the lowest price in the industry. You can start sending Bulk SMS with Rs. 10 onwards.

How can I send bulk SMS for free?

Fast2SMS with Free Bulk SMS Service Fast2SMS is one of the top Free bulk SMS service in India. With the help of its web-based app, Fast2SMS bulk SMS helps users send single or bulk SMSs from anywhere. With the help of this android app, individuals and businesses can send messages to all major cities across India.

How Can I Get Bulk SMS Gateway in India?

Top 10 Bulk SMS Gateway Service Providers in India

  1. TextLocal, real time reports for SMS gateway.
  2. Best SMS gateway service providers: Kaleyra.
  3. Best established SMS gateway services for India: GupShup.

Is click send free?

ClickSend Pricing Overview ClickSend pricing starts at $20.00 per user, . They do not have a free version. ClickSend offers a free trial.