How old is Harold Perrineau?

58 years (August 7, 1963)Harold Perrineau / Age

What ethnicity is Naveen Andrews?

Naveen William Sidney Andrews is a British-American actor.

When was Armando Pucci born?

Armando Pucci was born on August 27 1921. Armando lived in Millbrae, California 94030, USA.

What happened to Naveen Andrews?

Naveen Andrews is dropping in at Hulu. The Lost grad has been tapped to star alongside Amanda Seyfried in the streamer’s Elizabeth Holmes-focused limited series The Dropout.

Where is Harold Perrineau from?

New York, NYHarold Perrineau / Place of birth

What happened to dozer in The Matrix?

In the universe of the films, the operator of the Nebuchadnezzar died off-screen in between 1999’s The Matrix and 2003’s The Matrix Reloaded. As the first movie ended with Tank being grievously injured, that story tracked with the series’ own internal logic.

What nationality is Sayid from Lost?

Sayid Jarrah

Sayid Jarrah سَعِید جَرَّاح
Spouse Noor “Nadia” Abed Jaseem
Relatives Omer Jarrah (brother)
Nationality Iraqi
Former residence Tikrit, Iraq

Did Naveen Andrews gain weight for the dropout?

He gained 9kg (1st 6lb) for The Dropout, he explains, to make his face fuller and his belly paunchier. He also modified his movements to seem slower and older. “Well, I did at least want to resemble the character I was playing,” he says, a little sting of sarcasm in his inflection.

Are Naveen Andrews and Barbara Hershey still together?

Lost star Naveen Andrews has split from long-term partner Barbara Hershey after 12 years together. Andrews, 41, and Hannah And Her Sisters star Hershey, 62, who caused controversy when they started dating due to the 21-year age difference, ended their relationship six months ago.

Who is the father of Barbara Hershey son?

Arnold Herzstein
Melrose Herzstein
Barbara Hershey/Parents

Is Harold Perrineau married?

Brittany PerrineauHarold Perrineau / Spouse (m. 2002)

How tall is Harold Perrineau?

5′ 10″Harold Perrineau / Height

Who is Naveen Andrews?

Naveen William Sidney Andrews was born on the 17th of January, 1969, in London, England. Naveen is the elder of two brothers, and has had an interest in acting since an early age.

Who is Naveen Andrews’ son Jaisal Andrews?

Naveen had a son, Jaisal Andrews, in 1992 with Feakins. He was later in a relationship with actress Barbara Hershey in Los Angeles, starting in 1998.

What kind of movies does Andrew Andrews appear in?

He has also appeared in films such as The English Patient (1996), Mighty Joe Young (1998), Rollerball (2002), Planet Terror (2007), The Brave One (2007), and Diana (2013). Andrews was born in Lambeth, London to Nirmala, a psychologist, and Stanley Andrews, a businessman, both immigrants from Kerala, India.

Who is Andrew Andrews’ex-wife Geraldine Feakins?

Andrews’s relationship with Geraldine Feakins lasted from 1985 to 1991. Their son, Jaisal Andrews, was born in 1992. He was later in a relationship with actress Barbara Hershey in Los Angeles, starting in 1998. The couple separated briefly in 2005 and, during that time, Andrews had a son with Czech -French actress Elena Eustache.