How old is shareena Clanton?

31 years (June 9, 1990)Shareena Clanton / Age

Where is shareena Clanton from?

Perth, AustraliaShareena Clanton / Place of birth

Why did Doreen leave Wentworth?

In Season 5 she is finally paroled after being rejected for a transfer to Perth, and finds out via Vera and a letter that she reads that she has instead received her parole, she goes through the prison yard one last time for final goodbyes and is told by Linda Miles that she doesn’t want to see her back in prison, with …

What is Doreen from Wentworth real name?

Shareena ClantonDoreen Anderson / Played by

Why is Jess obsessed with Doreen’s baby?

She also took an intense interest in Doreen’s baby after finding out that she was pregnant, showing jealousy towards other people close to Doreen including Nash and Liz. She sabotaged Liz by planting alcohol under her pillow so Doreen would distrust her and make Jess alternate career for the baby instead of Liz.

What happens to Doreen’s baby?

In hospital, Doreen had an ultrasound and found that she lost her baby, and was sent to Wentworth, charged with Reckless Endangerment.

Is Doreen from Wentworth indigenous?

Clanton was born in Perth, Western Australia. She is of Yamatji, Noongar, Gidja, Cherokee, Blackfoot and African-Australian descent.

Is Kaiya Doreen’s daughter?

After making up, Doreen leaves her daughter Kaiya with Bea during a riot caused by Jacs and Franky. When Kaiya runs off, Bea follows after her.

How did Doreen leave Wentworth?

What did Jess put in Doreen’s tea?

She later made several attempts to have the baby taken away from Doreen, trying to convince the nurse that Doreen is not fit to be a mother, and slipping illicit drugs into her tea.

Does Doreen return?

There have been plenty of dramatic death exits for characters in Wentworth, but earlier this season we saw one that gave us hope – the exit of inmate Doreen. The prisoner was released from Wentworth Correctional Centre and reunited with her partner and young child after serving her sentence.

Are Ruby and Rita Aboriginal?

Unlike The Secret Life of Us, Wentworth does not dismiss the fact that Doreen, Rita, and Ruby are Indigenous. The prison drama also does not solely define these characters based on their race; nor does it ignore the racism that Indigenous women face.