How reliable is a Bersa Thunder 380?

BOTTOM LINE: The Bersa Thunder . 380 is a great handgun in this size and caliber. It will serve you well with dependable performance, accuracy and your ability to conceal it. And at around $240.00 (real world price) it is easily one of the best tactical handgun values that you will find from any manufacturer.

Is a Bersa .380 good for self defense?

Because of their size and moderate recoil, the caliber has become a popular civilian self-defense round for the same reasons cops like them. They hide well, and they work.

How many rounds does a Bersa Thunder 380 hold?

Bersa Thunder 380
Caliber .380
Action Blowback
Muzzle velocity 1050 ft/s (Cor-Bon JHP)
Feed system Regular: 7, 8, 9, or 10-round single-stack magazine Concealed Carry: 8-round single-stack magazine Plus: 15-round double-stack magazine

Is a Bersa 380 single or double action?

The Bersa Thunder 380 is a blowback-operated, double-action/single-action semi-automatic which takes its design cues from the Walther PPK, famously carried by the fictional secret agent James Bond.

Are Bersa pistols reliable?

Bersa handguns are among the best buys on the market. Although the Bersa line retails for less than many competing designs, they have proven both reliable and accurate. These handguns have given Americans on a budget peace of mind and good protection.

What does bersa stand for?


Acronym Definition
BERSA British Elastic Rope Sports Association

Can a 380 stop a bear?

380 fired with the muzzle pressed into a bear’s chest as it is mauling you is going to do a hell of a lot of damage, even more if you can press it into any area of the head and get a shot off. If I was being mauled I would sure rather have a .

Where is Bersa made?

Bersa is an Argentine arms manufacturer, located in the city of Ramos Mejía in Argentina.

Does Bersa Thunder 380 have a Decocker?

The Bersa Thunder 380 has a Decocker.

Where is Bersa Thunder made?

The Bersa Thunder is an all-metal, single-stack, DA/SA pistol most commonly chambered in . 380 ACP (a . 22 LR version is also available). Manufactured in Argentina and imported by Eagle imports, the Thunder is available in over a dozen different variations, not including some distributor-exclusive variations.

Is bersa a Beretta?

In 1959 the first 22 Long Rifle pistol was commercialized, called “Modelo 60”, which later evolved in the “Modelo 62”, and based on a modified Beretta design, it sold extremely well. In 1960 the name “Bersa” was introduced, taken from the initial letters of the founders’ first names.

Will a 380 stop a mountain lion?

380 would scare a mountain lion away whether it hits it or not. Exactly. Unless its hungry from starvation, they scare easily.

Is the Bersa Thunder 380 combat worth the price?

The Bersa Thunder .380 Combat price is around $300 and is a great value. My thought when I first walked into the local gun store was to buy a handgun, but not spend a fortune on it. I am the type of person who really believes in getting the absolute best with the amount of money you have.

What kind of gun is the Bersa Thunder combat?

The Combat is an upgraded version of the original gun from Bersa Thunder dealers. The redesigned slide allows for a lower profile than the original. Meanwhile, the enlarged serrations allow you to get a grip on it when you need to pull it back. Bersa Thunder.380 Specs

What are the safety features of the Thunder 380cc?

The Thunder 380CC contains several safety features such as a firing pin, slide mounted manual safety, de-cocker, a magazine disconnect safety, a firing pin, a long double-acgion (DA) first trigger pull, and additionally some models have an integral key-operated trigger-lock

How many rounds does a 380cc pistol hold?

It is chambered in .380 ACP caliber and holds only one 8 round magazine. The Thunder 380CC is typical with rounded shapes design. The handgun features a magazine release button, along with a loaded chamber indicator, both located on the left side of the gun.