How to download Google Maps for offline use?

Open the Google map from your phone

  • Make sure to have n activated Google account
  • Make sure to have a good internet connection
  • Then tap to the option of “Directions” that you will see at the bottom corner of the device
  • This will use your current location id your Google map has permission to access your location
  • Now swipe your finger to the left side to reach the menu of the Google application
  • Select offline maps
  • Now you have to select your own maps. From the screen,you can also enable your offline map settings,this feature allows you to update your offline maps automatically.
  • It also automatically changes your downloading preferences to the wifi of data.
  • Now tap the download icon
  • Before downloading,you can also zoom out your exact location for your route. This feature is more useful when your location is new to you.
  • Now download the Google map and open it from the GPS application of your phone.
  • How to find locations and get directions with Google Maps?

    – Enter the address of the starting point or click directly on the Google Map – Enter the address of the destination or click directly on the Google Map – Select the mode of transportation (Driving directions, cycling, transit or walking) – Select the unit (kilometers or miles) – Allow or avoid tolls – Click on the ” Get Directions ” button

    How to save Google Maps directions for offline use?

    – On your phone or tablet, insert an SD card. – Open the Google Maps app . – In the top left, tap the Menu Offline areas. – In the top right, tap Settings. – Under “Storage preferences,” tap Device SD card.

    How to find your direction of travel using Google Maps?

    Download the Google Maps App

  • Sign into the same Google Drive account you used to create the map
  • Click on the search bar > “…More” > scroll to the right and click “Maps”
  • Select your custom map