How to mix hip hop music with a DJ?

Especially helpful for DJs to mix between tracks of different energy and tempo. DJ Controllers are really good setting cue points. All you have to do now is press play on the correct cue point and time your switch of the cross fader really well. Some the tracks below are amazing Hip Hop tracks to get the party going and singing along too.

How do I get Started with DJing?

Mix, mix and mix your tracks until you get to know them inside out. Don’t bother creating DJ sets, simply play whatever you like, record your mix and then analyse what tracks went well together. You can always check the ‘history’ folder if you are using Rekordbox to pick out and put into a new set list folder.

What is it called when a DJ mixes two songs together?

What is it called when a DJ mixes two songs together? A DJ can mix two separate songs together by beat match both songs. This allows continuous play of music for long periods of time. A DJ can also mix and instrumental with an acapella (vocal) track together which is referred to as Mashup.

What are some of the best hip-hop remixes you’ve seen?

Mufasa & Hypeman) – Dopamine Re-Edit Riton, Nightcrawlers, Mufasa, Hypeman, Dopamine Rasputin Majestic, Boney M. Slow Down (feat. Jorja Smith) – Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Remix Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith, Vintage Culture, Slow Motion

How do you mix tracks with similar tempo?

This is the playlist for that scenario Some tracks have similar tempo and some don’t so much. So you have a choice and that’s to move the order of the tracks around or try to balance the tempo out slightly. With this type of music some tracks don’t start with a beat which makes is super easy to mix on the break down of both tracks.

Should I learn harmonic mixing as a DJ?

A great point to make about learning harmonic mixing is that if you learn this knowledge from the beginning then your mixing abilities will sky rocket the quality of your DJ sets that you put together. I didn’t learn harmonic mixing from the beginning, in fact I turned my nose up to music theory in terms chords, key changes etc.