Is a Walther PPQ better than a Glock?

Both the Glock 19 and the Walther PPQ are 9mm polymer-frame striker-fired handguns. They’ve been well-accepted on the US market….Size.

Metrics Glock 19 Walther PPQ
Length (Inches) 6.99 7.09
Width of grip (Inches) 1.18 1.27
Width of slide (Inches) 1.00 1.01
Width across controls (Inches) 1.33 1.34

How good is the Walther PPQ?

The Walther PPQ is a fairly good looking firearm. One thing I will say is the slick finish on the slide and the texturing on the majority of the frame make the gun look a little bit cheaper. This is a gun that comes in around $550. From the surface it looks like a $450 gun in my opinion.

Do police use Walther PPQ?

Due to its trigger characteristics, the PPQ pistol is marketed by Walther in Germany as a special forces pistol and not as a police duty pistol.

Is Walther PPQ good for concealed carry?

I recommend this PPQ M2 4-Inch compact 9mm for concealed carry. This is one of the smoothest, short and soft triggers on any of the guns I have reviewed.

Are Walther pistols reliable?

The guns from Walther are popular with European police and foreign militaries, but their success in these overseas markets hasn’t translated into a similar interest here in America. That’s a shame because the Walther pistols are excellent guns ‒ probably the best service pistols you’ve never fired.

What agencies use Walther PPQ?

Walther has secured contracts to provide Walther PPQ M2 9 mm pistols to a pair of law enforcement departments—Florida’s Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and Pennsylvania’s York County Sheriff’s Office. Both selected the new, 4-inch barreled duty guns to replace .

What gun does James Bond use?

Walther PPK
Most famously, 007 traditionally carries the Walther PPK (Polizei Pistole Kriminal) , though from ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ until Daniel Craig’s first outing in ‘Casino Royale’ , he adopts the bigger, plastic-framed Walther P99.

What pistol does James Bond Carry?

Why do cops carry Glocks?

The Glock’s large capacity and light body gave it advantages over other guns. “Police departments were amazed when they took their officers out to the range and found out not only could they learn to use the Glock pretty quickly, but the Glock also made them more accurate as marksmen,” he says.

Do police use Walther?

Since 1886, Walther has been providing law enforcement and military with firearms. A lot has happened since the old Model 1 .

Is the PPQ a good alternative to the Glock 19?

The PPQ has a light trigger pull which allows for quicker and more accurate follow up shots. These are all reason why it could become a good alternative to the Glock 19. The ergonomics of the PPQ are one way that it stands out from the Glock 19. It has a unique grip texture that is especially comfortable on your hand.

What is the difference between the Glock 19 and Glock 17?

The Glock 17 started the revolution as Gaston Glock incorporated his years of polymer experience into the handgun industry. The Glock 19 was just the third model produced by Glock, so it has had a long run of success. While the Glock was first created specifically for the Austrian army, it is now used as the primary sidearm in over 48 countries.

Is a Glock 19 compatible with a Glock 26?

The glock 19 is compatible with the 26 with mags. You can also get higher cap mags and most standard mags are $10-$15.. can’t even find sights for the ppq in the $70 range with good reviews. The ubiquity of glocks and their compatibility platform leads to their allure.

Is the Glock a good gun?

The grip is a little on the rough side, but still does fine. Recoil is light on the Glock allowing for a tight grouping on follow up shots. It is considered to be accurate and reliable. The appearance of the Glock is very basic by design, and it has a plain look to it.