Is Dura-Ace better than 105?

The difference is slight, but parts of the Dura-Ace derailleur are visibly slimmer, with more beveled edges. This machining takes time and effort, increasing the cost, but it will save around 60-70 grams over the 105 derailleur. Ultegra also features more machining than 105, but less than Dura-Ace.

Is Dura-Ace really better than Ultegra?

Even if you are a serious racer, the Ultegra is a great option. The Dura-Ace, however, is an incredible groupset. Its performance is unrivaled and, despite the cost, there is a reason it’s a go-to for pro racers. If a few grams of weight doesn’t matter to you, opt for the Ultegra.

Is Shimano 105 good enough for racing?

105 is the first of Shimano’s “serious” or “proper” groupsets. Tiagra and below, despite being perfectly adequate for your first few sportives (probably all your sportives) and for your daily commute, should be eschewed in favour of 105 or Ultegra as soon as your functional threshold power hits 150W.

Is 105 better than Ultegra?

Conclusion. There is no longer any real technological difference between 105 and Ultegra, and the only real difference is that Ultegra is a lighter groupset. That means we have 2 answers to the question of 105 versus Ultegra.

Why is Dura-Ace better than Ultegra?

Although Dura Ace is considered to Shimano’s out-and-out performance groupset, surprisingly, Ultegra is generally deemed to be much more versatile, mainly because of the lower range of gears that it offers. While Ultegra cassettes go all the way up to 34 teeth, Dura Ace cassettes only go up to 30 teeth.

How fast can a Shimano 105 go?

“The main thing about 105 is that it’s now 11-speed,” said Shimano’s UK brand manager Mark Greshon at the UK launch. “With it being 11-speed it brings many of the functions and features that you get with both Ultegra and Dura-Ace to a much wider range of riders.”

Is Dura-Ace less durable than Ultegra?

This is good news for the consumer because it means the two can be directly compared right from the start – which is exactly what we plan to do here. Dura-Ace has always been the flagship Shimano groupset – lighter, more durable, and very expensive. But in performance terms, Ultegra has started to close the gap.

Is Dura-Ace the best?

Two years, over 10,000 miles, one conclusion: Shimano’s Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical group is the best human-powered drivetrain the world has ever seen. If you’re a weight-weenie, look to SRAM, home of the best weight/cost ratio in the industry.

Why is it called Shimano 105?

Quality with affordability. The most successful branded consumer item – with the strongest customer awareness in Japan – during the mid/late 1980s and which also happened to have the qualities Shimano was trying to promote was Levis 501 jeans, hence 105.

Is 105 better than tiagra?

Tiagra offers excellent value for money but 105 is certainly the better groupset and we’d recommend going for it if your funds allow because of the better brakes, the small weight saving and the upgrade to 11-speed.

Is Dura-Ace worth?

Can I use Ultegra cassette with Dura-Ace?

Likewise, Shimano and SRAM buyers have the freedom to mix different levels of chains and cassettes so long as they are designed for the same kind of transmission. Thus, an Ultegra (6800/8000) 11-speed chain can be used with a Dura-Ace (9000/9100) 11-speed cassette.