Is HAVO or VWO better?

The two programmes of general education that lead to higher education are HAVO (five years) and VWO (six years). Pupils are enrolled according to their ability, and although VWO is more rigorous, both HAVO and VWO can be characterised as selective types of secondary education.

What is HAVO diploma comparable to?

Studying in the Netherlands

Diploma Comparable to NLQF level
DiplomaHigh School Diploma Comparable tousually a HAVO diploma, but at least a VMBO-T diploma and at most a VWO diploma NLQF level2-4+
Diploma Associate’s degree (‘terminal/vocational program’) Comparable tousually an MBO diploma, level 4 NLQF level4

What is MBO HBO WO Netherlands?

Higher education comprises higher professional education (HBO) and university education (WO). These types of education are provided by HBO institutions (hogescholen) and universities respectively.

What is HBO in Netherlands?

HBO (hoger beroepsonderwijs) stands for higher vocational education and is the Dutch version of the higher applied education institutes. For a hbo degree, at least one havo degree, a Fachabitur, is required. Cross-entry is also possible.

Can I go to university with HAVO?

HAVO. HAVO stands for senior general secondary education. This pathway lasts for five years. With a HAVO diploma, your child can study at universities of applied sciences (hogescholen), where they can get a bachelor’s degree in applied sciences (HBO).

What is VWO HAVO?

Senior general secondary education (HAVO) and pre university education (VWO) HAVO and VWO prepare pupils for higher professional education (HBO) and university studies, respectively. HAVO takes five years, while VWO takes six years.

Can you go to university with a HAVO diploma?

After passing your HAVO examination, you could study for a year at a HBO institution to obtain the HBO propaedeutic certificate. In principle, any HBO propaedeutic certificate gives access to university. Some Bachelor’s degree programmes have additional entry requirements.

Is my diploma recognized in the Netherlands?

Visit the Nuffic website This organisation can evaluate any diploma from any country and let you know if you are eligible to study in the Netherlands.

What is HAVO Netherlands?

Senior general secondary education (HAVO) Lasts five years and is for pupils aged 12 to 17 years (average). HAVO provides pupils with a basic general education and prepares them for higher professional education.

Is PhD free in Netherlands?

Most PhD students in the Netherlands are considered as university employees, and therefore receive a salary to fund their research. Therefore, there are no traditional tuition fees for doctoral candidates or doctoral fellows.

Is Masters free in Netherlands?

Fees for Dutch students in the Netherlands Dutch students pay Masters tuition fees at the government’s ‘statutory rate’. This is currently fixed at €2,168 per year for most full-time courses. Part-time students pay a proportion of the full cost, depending on the intensity of their programme.