Is Kota Kinabalu hard to climb?

Climbing the mountain is steep and quite tough with more than 20 000 people attempting to reach Low’s Peak per year. The route is easy to follow, but can be slippery and visibility bad when it rains and the fog gets very dense. Rules for climbing Mount Kinabalu changed significantly in the last couple of years.

How long does it take to climb Kota Kinabalu?

two days
The mountain climb takes two days. On the first day you’ll climb about 6 kilometres worth of steps, up through the lowland jungle, to around 11,000 feet above sea level. The second day is more technical: you’ll get up early and climb to the summit. This stretch is rocky and steep, about 15-20 degrees incline.

How much does it cost to climb Kota Kinabalu?

How much does it cost? Quick Answer: The lowest budget for climbing Mount Kinabalu is about RM668 (≈USD158) for International Tourist and RM306 for Malaysian (last updated: July 2021). The cost includes accommodation (at Panalaban), meals, shared mountain guide fee, conservation fee, climb permit, and insurance.

How do you climb Kota Kinabalu?

To climb Mount Kinabalu, you must pay for a climbing permit, climbing insurance, a mountain guide and the Kinabalu Park entrance fee (self-guiding on the summit trail is not an option). A standard 2D1N climb can generally only be booked 30 days in advance and is becoming increasingly difficult to secure.

Is it easy to climb Mount Kinabalu?

It’s also one of the easiest 4,000m peaks in the world to climb, making it a huge draw for trekkers of average fitness and no mountain experience to bag their first 4,000m peak. That said, climbing Mount Kinabalu is no easy feat, and as always preparation is key.

What equipment do you need to climb Mount Kinabalu?

No specialist equipment is required to climb Mount Kinabalu. Hiking boots, trekking poles, a head torch and breathable/warm clothing are the only necessities. If you’re flying straight to Borneo to climb Mount Kinabalu, then you can of course, bring all your equipment direct from home.

Is Mount Kinabalu 1n/2d hike with via ferrata possible?

We are planning on doing the Mount Kinabalu 1N/2D hike with the via ferrata. We are planning on booking with River Junkies. They mentioned that, in case the weather is too bad and the Park Rangers decide to close the summit, the money will not be refunded. Of course that scares us off a bit.

How to avoid altitude sickness on Mount Kinabalu?

To prevent altitude sickness it’s recommended that trekkers stay in or around the base of Mount Kinabalu the night before starting the climb. It’s necessary anyway as the required start time is early at 8am.