Is Links of London real silver?

Links of London had an integral role in bringing the UK jewelry scene to life, especially on the British high street. They helped in creating an interest in affordable sterling silver pieces, mixing quality with affordability over cheap costume pieces or expensive precious metals.

Can I still buy Links of London?

Links of London is no longer trading, so the pieces we have to offer are no longer in production. These collectable items are all new (not pre-owned) and supplied with a Gold Arts gift box or pouch. Fantastic Value, the sale stock is only available on our website, please call 01273 203178 for more info.

Is Links of London real gold?

The model is crafted from sterling silver and finished with a 18 karat gold plating that forms the well-known gold vermeil texture. The bracelet boasts three sections accentuated by small gold beads and linked with a ring-style dtailing.

How many links does a sweetie bracelet have?

There are small split rings (6) on each bracelet that charms can be attached to….Specification.

Range Sweetie
Bracelet Length 17cm

How do you clean London link bracelets?

“To keep your gold jewellery looking as good as gold can, I suggest regular cleaning with a dedicated gold-polishing cloth,” says Links of London’s rep. “Infused with cleaners and anti-tarnishing agents, avoid washing it to ensure it’s as effective as possible. You can buy them Links of London stores and online.”

How many rings does a sweetie bracelet have?

How do you clean silver that has turned black?

Quickly restore your jewelry or tableware with vinegar, water and baking soda. This cleaning agent is a great option for many things, including your tarnished silver. Mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl of lukewarm water. Let the silver soak for two to three hours.

Why did Links of London close?

British jewellery brand Links of London will completely vanish from the British high street tomorrow after failing to find a buyer to save the business. Ongoing cash flow pressures left the company with “no choice” but to call in the administrators in October last year.

When did Links of London stop trading?

The company’s revenue was £85m in 2009. In 2014, Links of London was named the official jewellery sponsor of the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Bankruptcy: In March 2019, the brand was experiencing a major financial struggle and 500 jobs were in jeopardy.

How many rings does a Links of London Sweetie bracelet have?

There are small split rings (6) on each bracelet that charms can be attached to….Specification.

Range Sweetie
Metal Silver
Bracelet Length 17cm

Who can restring Links of London bracelet?

Do you have a Sweetie bracelet that could do with a refresh? Simply pop into your nearest Links of London store or concession where our Sweetie ambassadors will be able to arrange your FREE restring and clean. Lhala Silvestre and 563 others like this.

Are links of London bracelets on eBay fake?

Now that I’ve researched what to look for I can see that 99% of the bracelets listed on ebay as ‘Genuine Links of London’ appear to be fakes straight away.

Are links of London bracelets dodgy?

– if the seller have multiples of the same/similar bracelets listed it’s more than likely that they’re dodgy. Who could afford to buy 20 genuine Links of London items and them sell them on?

How many charms are on a links of London bracelet?

It has three charms, all with hallmarks, but when I was sent a query about the bracelets hallmark itself I was confused when I couldn’t find it. I took it in to the Links of London store in central London and while they originally thought it was genuine, upon further inspection confirmed to everyone’s’ surprise that it was a very convincing fake.