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Is the Traxxas Slash 4×4 worth the money?

Overall, if you’re looking for a good truck to get into racing with or a nice hobby truck, you can’t beat the Slash 4×4. It’s a little pricey, but you’d go through 20 cheap ones before you’d break this one. It’s well worth the money.

What is the top speed of a Traxxas Slash 4×4?

Quick Features

  • Traxxas Stability Management®
  • Extreme Velineon brushless horsepower.
  • Top speed: 60+mph!*
  • Advanced TQi 2.4GHz radio system.
  • Traxxas Link Wireless Module compatible.
  • Innovative chassis and modular simplicity.
  • Battery and charger sold separately.

How fast is 1/16 Traxxas Slash 4×4?

The 1/16 Slash VXL 4WD is just plain fast. At 30+mph with the included 6-cell NiMH battery, Slash VXL is nearly twice as fast as most mini models, and faster than most electric RTR trucks of any scale.

What is the fastest Traxxas Slash motor?

The fastest Traxxas Motor is the Velineon 3500 4-Pole brushless motor. It weighs 0.33 pounds, has a height of 5 inches, a width of 12 inches, and a length of 12 inches. This brushless motor is assembled with gold-plated bullet connectors and 12-gauge wires.

Is the Traxxas Slash 4×4 VXL waterproof?

This is the Traxxas Slash 4×4 VXL, a 1/10 scale RTR 4WD Brushless Short-course truck with waterproof electronics, Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) for unmatched control, and powerful Velineon motor and ESC capable of 60+ MPH.

Are traxxas LiPos good?

LiPos are the clear winner here; their chemistry allows them to run around 33% longer than a NiMH with the same capacity, and they are largely available in higher standard capacities than NiMHs. LiPos are also lighter than their NiMH counterparts, and that adds to their efficiency factor as well.

Is Traxxas Slash 4X4 waterproof?

Whats bigger 1/10 scale or 1 16?

When you look at 1/10 and 1/16 RC cars, you would think that the 1/16 RC car is bigger. The bigger remote-controlled car is the 1/10 car. RC scale size works differently; the larger the scale size of an RC car, the smaller the car. The scale size is the size when compared to a real car.

What size motor is in the Traxxas Slash 4X4?

Titan 12T 550 motor
The Slash 4X4 combines the best elements of the hardcore Slash 4X4 VXL with an unbeatable low price. Outfitted with the powerful Titan 12T 550 motor and bulletproof reliability of the waterproof XL-5 electronic speed control, the Slash takes on any high-flying, fender-banging, all-weather adventure you can throw at it.

Why buy a Traxxas slash 4×4?

The Traxxas Slash 4×4 is built for a streamlined performance through dirt, mud, snow or on concrete. Each is ready to race and also works well with upgrades. With the painted and decaled body, the Slash will look great while tearing up the road.

What makes Slash 4×4 different?

Each truck is equipped with an accurate representation of the full-size tire, giving Slash 4X4 the ultimate in realistic performance and control. Wheels complete the look; offering equal parts style and strength, Slash 4X4 features a new SCT Split Spoke design and color-molded “beadlock” detail.

What are the best CV driveshafts for a slash 4×4?

Whether you are building a monster Slash 4X4, creating an all-out speed machine, or adding extreme brushless power, the added strength of heavy-duty steel CV driveshafts ( #6451 & #6452) will help keep you going as you jump higher and rip harder.

Will XO-1 driveshafts fit in a slash 4×4?

This upgrade will require some minor changes to accommodate the larger 6mm axles and will work for most 1/10 scale brushless 4X4 models including Slash 4X4, Stampede 4X4, and Rally VXL. In this detailed video you will learn how to install the oversized XO-1 driveshafts into a Slash 4X4.