Is there a Future Card Buddyfight video game?

“Future Card Buddyfight: Explosive Fight of Friendship!” is the first video game of Future Card Buddyfight.

Is Future Card Buddyfight Cancelled?

Thank you for your loving support over the past six years. It is with a heavy heart that we announce today the end of product releases for Future Card Buddyfight. This decision was reached after monitoring the entire TCG market as a whole, and assessing Buddyfight’s place within such a competitive and niche market.

Who is Gao Mikado wife?

23 years later after Future Card Buddyfight X, Paruko married Gao and now has two sons, Yuga Mikado and Haru Mikado.

How old is Gao Mikado?

Gao Mikado
Series Future Card Buddyfight
Age 12
Birthday January 1
Sex Male

What happened GAO Mikado?

Ever since Tenbu’s tragic demise, Gao has been taking a special leave of absence by Count Dawn in order to make Drum a true Omni Lord. In episode 25, Gao decides to quit Buddyfight since he can’t use Dragon Word anymore and he would’ve lost to Mukuro Shigamine.

Will future card Buddyfight ever return?

Bushiroad announced in an English press release on Tuesday that there will not be a new season of the Future Card Buddyfight Ace ( Future Card Shin Buddyfight ) anime.

What comes after Future Card Buddyfight?


  • 1 Future Card Buddyfight.
  • 2 Future Card Buddyfight Hundred.
  • 3 Future Card Buddyfight Triple D.
  • 4 Future Card Buddyfight X.
  • 5 Future Card Buddyfight X All Star Fight.
  • 6 Future Card Buddyfight Ace.
  • 7 References.

Is Kiri an omni Lord?

He can summon snow storms and freeze the ground in an instant, which he often does to announce his appearance and stun his enemies. After his Dark core was destroyed he retains the ability to make the power of the cards real, which is due to his status as an Omni Lord.

Why did drum leave Gao?

As the son of the Drum clan’s chief, Drum has some self-confidence issues as he often fears he’s not living up to his father’s expectations and constantly tries to prove his worth to himself. During the ABC cup he developed an inferiority complex that pushed him to run away from Gao to train at other worlds.

Who is Gao Mikado son?

Yuga Mikado
The protagonist of Buddyfight Ace is Yuga Mikado! You might find the name Mikado familiar because… that’s the son of the Mighty Sun Fighter, Gao Mikado! Yuga is known as the “Ace of Gaming” as he is extremely talented in games.

What happened to Gao Mikado in Buddyfight ace?

In episode 25, Gao decides to quit Buddyfight since he can’t use Dragon Word anymore and he would’ve lost to Mukuro Shigamine. Gao decides to let Drum become Tasuku’s new buddy and with his help, he’ll become a true Omni eventually and quits the buddy police.