Is trachycarpus fortunei fast growing?

Quick Overview Once large enough to plant in its permanent position, Trachycarpus fortunei is a relatively fast growing species and given lots of root room, a generous amount of humus-rich compost and lots of water in the growing season it will soon form an extremely handsome specimen.

How long do Trachycarpus take to grow?

Expect the seeds to germinate within eight to 12 weeks.

How fast does Trachycarpus Wagnerianus growth?

It can grow at a rate of about a foot of trunk a year and despite what you may think about this tree it grows best in cooler weather and actually dislikes extreme heat. It can grow to 20 metres but it may take 60 to 70 years to reach its full height.

How do you take care of a Trachycarpus?

This palm does best in dappled shade, but tolerates full sun and dense shade very well. Strong winds can damage the leaves, so plant in a sheltered site if possible. Enjoys lots of nutrients, so pile on the well rotted manure or liquid feed regularly though the growing season. Remove old tired foliage as required.

Will Trachycarpus grow in shade?

In the shade they tend to get drawn up, creating a taller and more slender trunk. In direct sun, the trunk will tend to be stouter and shorter.

How do you look after a trachycarpus fortunei?

Chusan palm prefers moist soil, so water your plants regularly to keep the soil consistently moist. However, make sure to not over-water as the plant doesn’t like wet feet. Also add mulch on the base to prevent the soil from drying out.

How often should I water trachycarpus fortunei?

Watering: Water regularly during growing season. Do not overwater. There is normally no need to water Chusan palms during the winter, only make sure the root ball does not dry out. Hardiness: Frost hardy down to -9°C (mature plants can tolerate even lower temperatures).

How often should I water my Trachycarpus?

Generally, the Chusan palm should be watered about once or twice a week. If you aren’t sure when to water, place a finger about 2 to 3 inches into the soil surrounding the base of the tree. If the soil feels dry, the tree needs to be watered.

Is Trachycarpus Hardy?

Trachycarpus is one of the most hardy palm trees you can get easily surviving past -10°C so it is ideal for growing in the variable British climate!

How hardy is Trachycarpus fortunei?

fortunei has the best winter hardiness, with mature plants surviving down to -12C. When happy, this palm grows 30 centimetres or more of trunk per season.

Can you grow trachycarpus fortunei in pots?

You may find a windmill palm in the nursery under its scientific name, Trachycarpus forunei or other common names like Chinese windmill palm or Chusan palm. They can grow as high as 40 feet when planted in the ground, but normally stay between 7 and 10 feet in containers.

How do you make trachycarpus fortunei grow faster?

Provide consistent soil moisture. During the warm growing season, provide this plat with 1 – 2 inches of irrigation water to the root. Although this plant is drought tolerant, it will increase its growth if the soil is always moist. Be sure to keep the soil moist but never soggy.