What are some good anti-drug slogans?

Here are the best anti-drug slogans you can use for an educational campaign.

  • Be the best you can be- be drug free.
  • Crack Is Not All It’s Kracked Up To Be.
  • D.E.A.D. spells out Drugs End All Dreams.
  • Don’t waste your life being wasted!
  • Drugs are a Death Trap.
  • Drugs kill you slowly.
  • Drugs, weapons of mass destruction.

What is the slogan for not using drugs?

Run away from drugs, don’t let it destroy you. Save future generations. Say no to drugs, say it to all. Say no to drugs, say yes to good health.

What is the theme of Anti-Drug Day 2021?

Share Facts On Drugs, Save Lives
Share Facts On Drugs, Save Lives The theme of the 2021 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking aims at combating misinformation and promotes sharing the facts on drugs — from health risks and solutions to tackle the world drug problem, to evidence-based prevention, treatment, and care.

What is the DARE drug slogan?

Ironic response. T-shirts and other merchandise reading “D.A.R.E To Keep Kids Off Drugs” became popular as an ironic item in drug culture and other countercultures starting in the 1990s. The program’s appealing logo and acronym accidentally suggest daring to experiment with drugs.

How do you make an anti drug slogan?

Loving what you are reading? Here are few more say NO to drugs slogans

  1. Only a loser can be a drug user!
  2. Don’t huff, don’t puff; Keep away from that stuff.
  3. Drugs can make you retarded,
  4. Keep calm & say no to drugs.
  5. Learn to say NO.
  6. You don’t need drugs to be cool!
  7. Stand up against drugs.
  8. Stop scoring hash,

What is a slogan example?

Other examples of a slogan in just two/three words include:

  • “Finger-Lickin’ Good”
  • “I’m Lovin’ It”
  • “Imagination at Work”
  • “They’re GRRR-EAT”
  • “Think Different”
  • “Just Do It”
  • “Diamonds Are Forever”

How do you create a slogan?

7 Steps to Make a Slogan for Your Business

  1. Start with your logo. Your slogan works hand-in-hand with your logo.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Use small words.
  4. Brainstorm a word list related to your business.
  5. Make it roll off the tongue.
  6. Use power words or phrases.
  7. Test your slogans.

What is the importance of Anti drugs Day?

The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is observed every year on 26 June to spreading awareness about the serious issues caused because of drug abuse across the world. The aim is to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse.

What does anti drug mean?

Medical Definition of antidrug 1 : counteracting the effect of a drug. 2 : acting against or opposing illicit drugs or their use antidrug activist antidrug program.

How do you make a slogan?

How can you say no to drugs?

Say something like: – “No, I’m sorry, but I don’t use….” – “No, I’m really trying to stay clean.” – “No, I’m trying to cut back.” Give a reason why you don’t want to drink or use drugs.

How do you write a slogan?