What are the effects of endosulfan?

Endosulfan may affect the central nervous system, blood, resulting in irritability, convulsions and renal failure. High-level exposure may result in death. The effects may be delayed. Ingestion of endosulfan may result in nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

What are the effects of endosulfan on environment and human beings?

People exposed to high levels of endosulfan, either intentionally or in contaminated food, or who were exposed during spraying fields, suffered tremors and seizures and some died. The same types of effects have been observed in animals exposed briefly to high levels of endosulfan.

What are the toxic effects of the endosulfan pesticide on non target organisms?

Endosulfan is a highly toxic insecticide that produces tonic-clonic convulsions, headache, dizziness and ataxia. It can also cause life threatening metabolic disturbances.

Is endosulfan toxic to humans?

Endosulfan is pesticide, which is highly toxic if not properly used. Its chemical name is 6,7,8,10,10-hexachloro-1,5,51,6,9,9a-hexahydro- 6,9-methano-2,3,4-benzadioxathiepin 3-oxide. Its molecular formula is C9H6Cl6O4. Its melting point is 181 degree Celsius.

How did endosulfan adversely affect the food chain?

From this study, it is clear that endosulfan pollution has a negative affect the predator–prey interactions of Schistosoma host snails and their fish predators. This effect appears to favour the survival of the host snails over their predators.

What is endosulfan tragedy?

Endosulfan is a pesticide developed in 1954. People extensively used it in farming with high consumption in the 1980s and 1990s. Later, it was highly toxic to human health and the environment. It poisoned entire populations of useful and necessary insects.

Why is endosulfan toxic?

Endosulfan is also a xenoestrogen—a synthetic substance that imitates or enhances the effect of estrogens—and it can act as an endocrine disruptor, causing reproductive and developmental damage in both animals and humans.

What are causes of endosulfan?

In 2009, the committee of scientific experts of the Stockholm Convention concluded, “endosulfan is likely, as a result of long range environmental transport, to lead to significant adverse human health and environmental effects such that global action is warranted.” In May 2011, the Stockholm Convention committee …

Can you describe how use of endosulfan has violated people’s right to life?

It is still used extensively in India, China despite laws banning it, and few other countries. It is produced by Makhteshim Agan and several manufacturers in India and China. Although, the Supreme Court had, by an order dated 13.05. 2011, put a ban on the production and sale of endosulfan in India till further orders.

Is endosulfan banned in India?

In India, it is banned only in Kerala and Karnataka following health impacts in Kasaragod and Dakshin Kannada districts where endosulfan was aerially sprayed on cashew plantations for over 20 years. Activists and political leaders have welcomed India’s decision at the convention.

Is endosulfan a pesticide?

Endosulfan was the only pesticide applied to cashew plantations in the villages for 20 years, and had contaminated the village environment.