What channel is SWX Spokane DirecTV?

In order to watch SWX, you must either have cable television (Channel 503 on Charter) or an antenna, as Dish and DirecTV do not carry the channel.

How can I watch SWX TV?

Just use the WATCH SWX app to enjoy the latest live local sports events, catch up on your Weather Authority forecast, or engage in our extensive library of on-demand content. Plus, you can use Air Play to watch the program on your big screen if you have an Apple TV.

How can I watch SWX Montana?

WATCH NOW: Carroll Football Spring Game

  1. MontanaRightNow.com.
  2. Bozeman: 406-586-3594.
  3. Butte: 406-782-7185.
  4. Great Falls: 406-453-4377.
  5. Helena: 406-457-1860.
  6. Missoula/SWX Montana: 406-542-8900.
  7. SWX Spokane: 509-448-6000.

What channel is SWX in Great Falls MT?

Cowles Montana/SWX Digital offerings can be found on KWYB ABC28 in Bozeman (18.3), KWYB ABC 18 in Butte (18.3), KFBB ABC5 in Great Falls (5.3), KHBB ABC21 in Helena (18.3), KTMF ABC23 in Missoula (23.3), KTMF ABC42 in Kalispell (23.3), KULR NBC8 in Billings (8.2), KXGN NBC in Glendive (8.2).

What cable channel is SWX?

SWX Right Now

Eastern Washington, Idaho Panhandle, & Montana United States
Channels Digital: KHQ-TV 6.2 KNDO 23.3 KNDU 25.3 KULR-TV 8.2 KWYB 18.3 KWYB-LD 28.3 KFBB 5.3 KHBB-LD 21.3 KTMF 23.3 KTMF-LD 42.3
Branding SWX
Owner Cowles Company (KHQ, Incorporated)

What is on KHQ tonight?


Time TV Show
6:30 pm Q6 News @ 6:30 PM
7:00 pm Jeopardy! 05-02-2022 – Season 38 Episode 164
7:30 pm Wheel of Fortune Big Money 25th Anniversary Celebration – Season 39 Episode 152
8:00 pm American Song Contest The Live Semi Finals Part 2 – Season 1 Episode 10

Does Roku have SWX?

How to watch on Roku SWX Right Now. Local sports and weather. Streaming on Roku.

What channel is ABC FOX Montana?

channel 23
KTMF, virtual and UHF digital channel 23, is a dual ABC/Fox-affiliated television station licensed to Missoula, Montana, United States….KTMF.

Missoula, Montana United States
Channels Digital: 23 (UHF) Virtual: 23
Branding ABC Montana; ABC Montana Local News Fox Montana (on DT2)

What channel is the bobcat game on?

Montana State Bobcats Schedule

Sling TV
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@ Wyoming Sat, Sep 4 4:00 PM Stadium
Drake Sat, Sep 11 8:00 PM ESPN+
San Diego Sat, Sep 18 3:00 PM ESPN+

What channel Is CBS on DirecTV 2020?

For the main question about what channel is CBS on DirecTV? One can easily find it on channel number 122.

What channel is KHQ in Spokane?

channel 6
KHQ-TV (channel 6) is a television station in Spokane, Washington, United States, affiliated with NBC.

What channel is ABC in Spokane?

Stations for Spokane, Washington

Display Channel Digital Channel Network
04-1 13.1 ABC
04-1 31.1 ABC