What did Danny from Counting Cars get in trouble for?

Joseph Frontiera Counting Cars Scandal Back in 2016, Frontiera was accused of using the company’s money for a down payment on his Range Rover as well as personal airline tickets. Frontiera is also in trouble for missing the company’s tax payments, for which he was responsible, resulting in an $18,000 IRS penalty.

Who is Danny Koker’s wife?

Korie KokerDanny Koker / Wife

Was Kevin fired from Counting Cars?

At the moment it is unclear as to why Kevin Mack has been missing from Counting Cars. Neither the channel nor Kevin have stated the reason behind the star’s absence. However, a report on Distractify has revealed that Kevin Mack’s absence from the show might just be due to a scheduling conflict.

Why did Roli Szabo leave Counting Cars?

There were rumors that he simply got tired of being in front of the camera though, and as a guy who had never been in the spotlight (however minor) before, that’s understandable, especially after having thousands of dollars worth of his equipment stolen at one point.

Was danny koker a Green Beret?

Danny was a Green Beret with the 10TH Special Forces Group stationed in Bad Tulz, Germany, a hockey player for the U.S. Army, a baseball player and an avid automotive enthusiast.

Was Danny Koker a Green Beret?

Why does Danny from Counts Kustoms always wear a bandana?

3 DANNY WEARS A BANDANA TO HIDE HIS HEAD So why the bandana? It’s to hide the receding hairline. Here’s what one of the users of Reddit said: “On another note Danny really needs to give in to his receding hairline and ditch that stupid black bandana; he is not fooling anyone.

Who stole money from Counts Kustoms?

13 Fake: The Lawsuit Against Frontiera More Than A Publicity Stunt. The lawsuit against Joseph Frontiera made some pretty big headlines when it all went down. Count’s Kustoms sued their former employee for stealing money from the company and using it for personal benefits.

Are Danny Koker and Rick Harrison still friends?

Rick Harrison, the main star of Pawn Stars, has been friends with Danny and Kevin, who rode motorcycles with Rick’s brother, for several years. Since Rick was aware of Danny’s knowledge about cars, he propositioned him about being a regular on the show.

Does Danny Koker have kids?

Danny KokerDanny Koker / Children

What nationality is Danny Koker?

AmericanDanny Koker / Nationality