What does 10 mm mean in jewelry?

10 mm. Little over 3/8 Inch. 0.39370 Inches. 11 mm. 7/16 Inch.

How thick is a 3.5 mm chain?

Thickness of chains: Thin chain is 1.4 mm. Medium chain is 2.3 mm. Thick chain is 3.5 mm.

What are standard necklace lengths?

Standard (or princess) length necklaces (usually 45cm or 18″) are the most commonly worn length and will suit most situations. If you’re looking for a necklace or pendant to wear day to day, then this is likely to be your go-to length.

Is a 1mm chain too thin?

Most chains are 1mm to 1.5mm, which is sturdy enough to hold most small to medium sized pendants. If you go below 1mm, just keep in mind that a thinner chain is less strong, even if it has a daintier look.

Is 8mm bigger than 10mm?

The 8mm is a smaller ring diameter, and the 10mm is a bigger ring diameter.

Is 16mm bigger than 14mm?

14mm = almost 9/16 inch. 15mm = almost 19/32 inch. 16mm = 5/8 inch. 17mm = almost 11/16 inch.

How big is a 4 mm chain?

The 4mm rope measures approx.: 20 inches – 27.62 grams 22 inches – 30.41 grams 24 inches – 32.88 grams This is a quality, fully solid, weighty rope chain that will last for generations with proper care!

Is 3mm thick for a chain?

You may also want to choose your chain’s thickness and length based on your build. If you’re going for a classic look, slimmer guys should go for a chain thickness of between 1mm to 3mm.

What is the most popular necklace length?

18-Inch Necklace Length 18-inch, or princess, necklaces are the most popular necklace length. They can be worn with any neckline and outfit – transitioning effortlessly from a chic, everyday look to an elegant, evening ensemble.

What is a good length necklace for a woman?

16 to 20 inch
Women below 5’4” look best in 16 to 20 inch necklace lengths. A long necklace tends to overwhelm a smaller frame. Women who fall between the height of 5’4” to 5’7” can wear necklace of any length. Taller women who are 5’7” or above can wear any length necklace.

How thick is a 2mm chain?

The 2mm chain is comparable to the thickness of your headphone wire, while the 6mm chain is comparable to the thickness of a pencil.

What is average necklace size for a woman?

The most common women’s necklace chain length is 18 inches. This size fits the average sized woman.