What does 8AG mean on a fuse?

The 8AG, cartridge, fuse is a fast acting, miniature fuse, having a diameter of 1/4 inch and a length of 1 inch. The AG designation stands for automotive glass and reflects its original design as an automotive fuse back in the 1930’s.

What do letters on fuses mean?

The number and the A (may be mA) is the amp rating of the fuse. The L denotes that it is a low breaking capacity or glass fuse (H is High breaking capacity and is usually a ceramic package).

What does M205 mean on fuse?

5 x 20mm
The most common sizes are the 5 x 20mm (M205) and the 6.3 x 32mm (3AG) fuses, which account for the greatest volume sales of this group. Originally designed for automotive applications, today they are used in electronics, instrumentation, audio, power supply protection and thousands of different applications.

What are the different types of Buss fuses?

The following Bussmann Fuses fall under general or special purpose fuses class:

Bussmann Fuses Class Fuse Part Number Series
¼”X1-1/4″ Ceramic Very Fast Acting Fuse GBB
5 X 20 MM Ceramic Fast Acting Fuses GDA
5 X 20 MM Glass Fast Acting Fuses GDB
5 X 20 MM Glass Time Delay Fuses GDC

What are the 3 types of fuses?

Classification of Fuses Fuses can be classified as “One Time Only Fuse”, “Resettable Fuse”, “Current limiting and non – current limiting fuses” based on the usage for different applications.

What’s the difference between AGC and SFE?

“SFE fuses are ‘automotive’, rated only to interrupt 32 volts. The length depends on their current rating, ranging from 5/8″ for a SFE-4, to 1-7/16″ for a SFE-30. AGC fuses are ‘general purpose’, they are always 1/4″ by 1-1/4”, available in 250V ratings to 10 amps, & 32V ratings to 30 amps.

What do fuse numbers mean?

Car fuses are color coded by amp rating. For example, a standard blue fuse has a 15-amp rating, yellow is 20 amps and green is 30. Before you buy and replace car fuses, keep in mind that the fuse panel cover often contains spare fuses and even a fuse puller.

How do you determine fuse rating?

You’ll usually find the fuse rating on the side of your fuse, which will be given in amps. Fuse rating is the amount of current needed for the fuse to blow or break. When this happens, it stops the electrical power from flowing through the electrical circuit.

How do I know what type of fuse to use?

What is a fuse Class 10?

Hint: Fuse is an electrical safety device that protects the circuit from short-circuiting, the fuse wire is made of tin alloys that have high resistance and low melting points. A switch is used before the equipment in the circuit in a series combination.

Are SFE and AGC fuses interchangeable?

By the way the 20-ampere fuse in SFE or AGC is the same size so they are interchangeable.