What does capirote mean in English?

A capirote is a pointed hat of conical form that is used in Spain. Historically, the capirote was a cardboard cone that flagellants in Spain would use.

What is a capirote in Spain?

A capirote is a Catholic pointed hat of conical form that is used in Spain and Hispanic countries by members of a confraternity of penitents.

Why do Nazarenos wear pointy hats?

The Nazarenos wear the pointed hats (known as capirotes) and robes. Nazarenos are part of the Catholic brotherhoods. Sinners had to wear a cone hat and walk through the streets as a form of public humiliation. The colour of the cone hat represented their type of punishment.

Why do penitents in Spain wear hoods?

The penitents hoods date back to the Spanish Inquisition. In the 15th century, it was decreed that those convicted of religious crimes had to wear the conical hoods so that everyone knew they had sinned. This symbol of imposed penitence from the Inquisition was later translated into processions.

How do you pronounce Capirote?


  1. kah. – pee. – roh. – teh.
  2. ka. – pi. – ɾo. – te.
  3. ca. – pi. – ro. – te.

What do Nazarenos do?

The “Nazarenos” are the members of the “cofradías” who participate in the processions. They are also known as the “penitentes” (penitent ones). These are the people you see who are dressed in robes and capes, wearing cone shaped head gear that makes it impossible to know who is behind their disguises.

How do you pronounce capirote?

What do nazarenos do?

What do the penitentes carry?

Penitente – A member of the procesion who repents of his sins carrying a cross over his shoulder. Penitentes are easily recognizable because they are dressed like nazarenos but without the capirote. Some can carry up to four crosses and lots walk barefoot.

What are brotherhoods in Spain?

The brotherhoods, some of which, like the Brotherhood of Silence, date from the 14th century, exist all over Spain. Besides their religious dimension they also act as charitable organizations that provide services for the destitute and other members of the community all year long.

Who were the Penitentes?

The Penitentes were a Catholic order of men (frowned on by the Vatican) that formed and flourished in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries as Spanish missions in the Southwest declined. And the Penitentes did engage in some startling and arguably brutal rituals (at least by today’s American standards).

How heavy is a paso?

Size: 13 to 15.2 hands with 13.3 to 14.2 being the most typical size. Weight is 700 to 1000 pounds.

What is a capirote?

A capirote is a Catholic pointed hat of conical form that is used in Spain by members of a confraternity of penitents.

Where do they use capirote during the Holy Week?

The usage of the capirote during the Holy Week was once common throughout Spain’s colonies, but this custom has since died out in most of them by the late 19th century. Notable exceptions to this are some parts of Mexico and Guatemala.

Are there any countries where capirote hoods are common?

Notable exceptions to this are some parts of Mexico and Guatemala. Similar hoods are common in other Christian countries such as Italy. The capirote is today the symbol of the Catholic penitent: only members of a confraternity of penance are allowed to wear them during solemn processions.

What is the difference between the Inquisition and capirote?

When the Inquisition was abolished, the symbol of punishment and penitence was kept in the Catholic brotherhood. However, the capirote used today is different: it is covered in fine fabric, as determined by the brotherhood.