What does the name Brisbane mean?

Brisbane is named after the Brisbane River, which in turn was named after Sir Thomas Brisbane, the governor of New South Wales from 1821 to 1825. The name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic “bris”, meaning “to break or smash” and the Old English word “ban” meaning “bone”.

What is the origin of the name Brisbane?

Etymology. The name Brisbane is named to honor Sir Thomas Brisbane (1773–1860) who was Governor of New South Wales from 1821– 1825. The town was given a name when the place declared as a town at 1834 to replace its penal colony status. He was a British Army officer and astronomer who was born in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Is Brisbane a Scottish name?

The name Brisbane itself is Scottish and was chosen in 1823 by John Oxley, Surveyor-General and explorer, in honour of Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane ((1773-1860), Governor-General of New South Wales.

What does Saeger mean?

a sawyer
South German, Dutch (de Saeger), and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a sawyer, from an agent derivative of Middle High German segen, sagen ‘to saw’, Middle Dutch saghen, German sägen.

What is the Aboriginal name for Brisbane?

The traditional name of Brisbane is Meeanjin – the place of the blue water lilies. It is the story of near-extinction of the Turrbal Tribe, the original inhabitants of Brisbane, that has enticed some neighbouring tribal groups (such as Jagera/Yaggera) to attempt to falsely claim Brisbane as their ancestral homelands.

What is a person from Brisbane called?

Residents of Melbourne are indeed Melbournians, and I would refer to someone from Brisbane as a Brisbanian, I’ve heard residents of Hobart referred to Hobartians, I don’t know if this is the accepted term though.

What happened to the Aboriginals in Brisbane?

From 1841 and into early 1842 settlers pushed out into the Brisbane Valley, but it was when up to 60 Aboriginal people were poisoned at the MacKenzie’s station near Kilcoy that relations changed.

Where does the name Sidney come from?

Sidney or Sydney is an English surname. It is probably derived from an Anglo-Saxon locational name, [æt þǣre] sīdan īege, “[at the] wide island/watermeadow” (in the dative case). There is also a folk etymological derivation from the French place name Saint Denis.

What does Pilly mean Brisbane?

a gully or watercourse
The suffix “pilly” means a gully or watercourse. Yeerongpilly grew from an area named Boggo, which was logged for timber for Brisbane.

Who are the traditional owners of Brisbane?

Turrbal Aboriginal Tribe – Traditional Owners of Brisbane.

What do Aussies call soda?

“Pop” and “fizzy pop” are used in Northern England, South Wales, and the Midlands, while “mineral” or “lemonade” (as a general term) are used in Ireland. In Scotland, “fizzy juice” or even simply “juice” is colloquially encountered. In Australia and New Zealand, “soft drink” or “fizzy drink” is typically used.

What is Australian slang for girl?

Aussie Slang Words For Women: Sheila. Chick. Woman. Lady.