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What else is there to do in Alfheim?

Table of contents

  • Tyr’s Bridge.
  • Light Elf Shore.
  • Light Elf Sanctuary.
  • Ringed Temple Trench.
  • Ringed Temple.
  • Ringed temple interior.
  • Light of Alfheim.
  • Back in the trench (in the dark)

Can you explore Alfheim?

The Realm of Alfheim is one of the main Regions in God of War. It is the first main realm other than Midgard that you can explore in the game, and part of your main Journey. The realm of Alfheim can be explored after your journey to the mountain stops short and you are given the travel rune.

Where are all the legendary chest in Alfheim?

Legendary Chest Summary – Click to Jump to a Region Below
The River Pass (5) Shores of Nine (1) Isle of Death (2)
Alfheim (5) Fafnir’s Storeroom (1) The Mountain (3)
Thamur’s Corpse (0+1) Light Elf Outpost (1) Helheim (3+1)
Tyr’s Temple (2) Konunsgard (1)

Why did Kratos go to Alfheim?

Alfheim was already turning dim by the time Freyr’s sister Freya brought Kratos and his son Atreus to the Elf realm in order to retrieve a portion of the Light for their own purposes.

Are there ravens in Alfheim?

Alfheim Locations 44 — At the dock by the Light Elf Sanctuary, look to the left of the marble statue to find this one. 45 — When you enter the Valkyrie section of the hidden chamber, look to the left to find another Raven.

How do you get 100 niflheim?

Just spam some high-damage runic attacks on her and she will go down fast. That’s 100% of the collectibles you can find in Niflheim area in God of War. This was the last area in the game, if you followed the other walkthroughs you should now have 100% game completion and all collectible trophies.

Can you go to Asgard in God of War?

There are three realms that are heavily referenced throughout the game but cannot be accessed even by the end of God of War. These include Asgard, Vanaheim, and Svartalfheim.

Where is Odin’s raven in Alfheim?

Raven 19. Get to the top of Svartalfheim Tower and open the giant door. Go ahead to the cliff you can climb down from and peak to the side to see the raven sitting.

How rare is a mega lightning chest?

The Mega Lightning Chests are one of the 3 rarest chests won through battles, tied with Epic Chests and Legendary Chests.

Why is Brock not allowed in Alfheim?

Brok is not allowed back in Alfheim on the account of multiple offences of swearing, stealing and something that Atreus is not old enough to hear. To comfort Kratos about his ill son, Brok claims to have once accidentally decapitated himself and says he’s “no worse for wear”.

What did mimir call Thor?

Even before becoming Odin’s advisor, Mimir was aware of the reputation of the Aesir gods and, with the exception of Tyr, held a dislike towards them. This only intensified following his imprisonment by Odin, and he openly calls Thor by many insults such as fat dobber, sweaty bawbag and thunder lummox.

What happens when you get all the eyes of Odin?

The Eyes of Odin are spectral ravens, appearing a translucent green color rather than the typical black. Scattered throughout the Nine Realms, Odin can see and hear through them. To complete “The Eyes of Odin” favor, Kratos must find and kill all 51 of these ravens. Doing so will unlock the “Allfather Blinded” trophy.

Where is the light of Alfheim located?

The realm of the elves is home to an endless war over control of the Light of Alfheim, located amid a lush area and giant lake that circles the Ringed Temple. For the main walkthrough of this area – see the pages: The Light of Alfheim

What happened to the Dark Elves in Alfheim?

Since the Dark Elves were concealing the Light and any access to it, the outsider Gods were forced to oppose the Dark Elves in order to once again release the Light, a conflict that ended with the demise of the Dark Elf King . With the Dark Elves defeated and the Light Elves released from their grip, Alfheim once again shone brightly.

What is Alfheim and how do I explore it?

It is the first main realm other than Midgard that you can explore in the game, and part of your main Journey . The realm of Alfheim can be explored after your journey to the mountain stops short and you are given the travel rune.

Where can I find the artefact in Alfheim?

The artefact is found on the lower level in a backroom. Backtrack to the Nornir Chest. Now go over the bridge of light. It’ll be there after you’ve advanced through the Alfheim story quest. So if you don’t see a bridge of light, just follow the main objectives until you come back to the area.